Earthquake History of Nepal (Historical photos)

The earthquake of June 7, 1255 AD (1310 BS) is the first recorded earthquake in the history of Nepal. During the earthquake nearly one third of the total population of Kathmandu were killed. Among the killed were the King of Kathmandu valley, Abahya Malla. The earthquake magnitude at that time is believed to be around 7.7 in Richter scale.

Mangalbazar, Patan destruction during the earthquake of 1934 (1990BS)

Another big earthquake was recorded in 1260 AD (1316BS) during the reign of King Jayadev Malla. During the earthquake many buildings and temples collapsed. there was a huge loss of lives and an epid
emic and famine after the earthquake was attributed to the natural disaster.

The prime minister, Judda Shamsher J. B. Rana announcing the relief efforts during the earthquake of 1934

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Earthquake in Nepal that killed 5 people – Is the epicenter in Sikkim?

Condolence to the 5 people killed in today’s earthquake and wish for speedy recovery of the 27 injured persons.

The epicenter of the 6.9 magnitude earthquake is told to be in Sikkim, India. But in the map it is shown within the border of Nepal.

Rescue workers at the site of the fallen British Embassy wall. Three people were killed at the site.

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