Nihita mom ‘shocked’ by Bigg Boss sex questions (Video)

Shakuntala Thapa, mother of Nihita, the wife of convicted killer Charles Shobhraj, told that she was shocked by the sex question her daughter faced in her appearance in Bigg Boss 5 in Indian TV channel Colors.

Shakuntala said, “People don’t ask such questions, especially to people they have known only for 15 minutes. Nihita is young and led a sheltered life. We encouraged her to join the show thinking she would make friends with people from different cultures and broaden her horizon.”

Lets analyze what happened in the show:


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Open School

No, it’s not an equivalent of an "Open University," it’s truly open – no walls around it and no roof to cover the heads of the tender kids. There are grades 1 to 3 in this under-the-sky school.

The following photo Photo shows a teacher taking mathematics class in a primary school in Darau VDC-5, Shyangja. Let’s hope, one of the kids will change the world!


Credit – Shared by Kiran T. Limbu in Facebook. The photo is taken from an unnamed newspaper.