Nihita mom ‘shocked’ by Bigg Boss sex questions (Video)

Shakuntala Thapa, mother of Nihita, the wife of convicted killer Charles Shobhraj, told that she was shocked by the sex question her daughter faced in her appearance in Bigg Boss 5 in Indian TV channel Colors.

Shakuntala said, “People don’t ask such questions, especially to people they have known only for 15 minutes. Nihita is young and led a sheltered life. We encouraged her to join the show thinking she would make friends with people from different cultures and broaden her horizon.”

Lets analyze what happened in the show:


The first question she faced in Bigg Boss was,

Q -“What’s your name?”

“Nihita … Nihita Biswas”

Q -“What do you do Nihita?”

“I do nothing. Just now, I’ve finished my studies … only … I was into this controversy for marrying Charles Shobhraj.”

Q – “You Married him?”

“Yea… it’s been ”

Q – “Did you have sex with Charles Shobhraj?”

“No… please don’t”

Nihita smiled and moved her hand to cover her mouth while answering the “No.” He also lost her eye contact – a classical gesture one take when lying.

Belvi, the Bigg Boss anchor, pulled her hand and asked to look in her eyes while answering. Nihita answered, “I swear… god swear… ”

You can hear and see the question answers in the following video.

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