MLTR arrives in Kathmandu, going to rock on Nov 19

Danish pop-soft rock band Michael Learns To Rock (MLTR) has arrived in Kathmandu on Wednesday.

Photo Credit: Facebook page

This  internationally acclaimed band, formed in 1988, has sold over 11 million records worldwide, mainly in Asia, and in addition, another 6 million or more paid downloads for their single “Take Me To Your Heart” which was awarded “Most downloaded single of the year 2006”.

The band is going to perform with their hit numbers at Tundikhel on Saturday. The band members are Jascha Ricther (Singer and keyboard player), KÃ¥re Wanscher (drummer) and Mikkel Lentz (guitarist). The popular hits of this band are ‘Sleeping Child’, ’25 Minutes’, ‘Out of the Blue’ and ‘Paint My Love’ from their second album Colours (1993) which sold over 1.1 million records.

The band is staying at Radisson Hotel in Lazimpat for the duration of their visit and is scheduled to return on Sunday.

After the concert of Canadian rocker Bryan Adams in February, this is going to be the second concert that is also in a year that Kathmandu is witnessing a concert from internationally acclaimed musicians.

Risky commute – Kathmandu street

Travelling on a goods carrier in itself is risky. Travelling in excess of it’s capacity is riskier. It is not only risky for the travellers, it is also a hazard for other vehicles. And, motorbikes are not designed to transport animals. Animal behaviors can not be predicted and unexpected behavior of the goat can not only cause harm to the commuters on the motorbike, but also other vehicles around it.


Do they have traffic rules in Kathmandu? If there are, why aren’t they implemented?

Is it not only the responsibility of the traffic police to control s
uch risky travel. Safety awareness in the commuters and the drivers is equally important.

But, a hefty fine would certainly help in reducing such an unsafe practice. (Photo received from Rajan Timilsina, one of our readers)