16 pillar rest house (Shorha Khutte Pati)

Shorha Khutte Pati (16 pillar rest house) located on the north-western part of the Capital, is a wind house of historical importance. Located on the path connecting Trishuli with Kathmandu, the rest house was used by the pedestrians when there was no motor able road link.

The place is known as Shorha Khutte after the rest house located at the base of a slope. The people tired of walking a long distance take rest in the 16-pillar rest house before they ascend the height. Although, in the past, it was one of the most important structure in the area, these days, it is hidden from taller buildings surrounding it and also suffers from lack of maintenance and care.

ShorhaKhutte_pati_Kathmandu_nepal (2)

Photo credit : Jagdish Bhandari

Poster morphing, concept stealing – damaging trend in Nepali movies

We posted a poster of Nepali movie "Premika" in which, the poster was 100% copy from a Telugu movie. The poster of another movie, Devyani, isn’t 100 percent copy but it also has picked poster of a German movie ‘Perfume: The Story of a Murderer ‘ to add in it’s poster. Such a copy in poster reduces the credibility of the movie and gives an impression that the movie itself is not original.

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