Poster morphing, concept stealing – damaging trend in Nepali movies

We posted a poster of Nepali movie "Premika" in which, the poster was 100% copy from a Telugu movie. The poster of another movie, Devyani, isn’t 100 percent copy but it also has picked poster of a German movie ‘Perfume: The Story of a Murderer ‘ to add in it’s poster. Such a copy in poster reduces the credibility of the movie and gives an impression that the movie itself is not original.


A part of the poster showing a woman’s body from the back is an exact copy from the German movie. Bijaya Basnet’s movie Devyani was released on November 25, 2011.  ‘Perfume: The Story of a Murderer‘ is a German movie released in 2006, and it is considered the most expensive German movie to date.

Damaging trend

It is not important what is copied or how it is copied. What worries most is how foolish the film makers think Nepali movie viewers are. They think anything named ‘movie’ will sell in Nepali market. That should be the reason a filmi journalist said that, every Nepali should go to the theater to promote Nepali movie.

In the same way, Nepali film makers try to sell patriotism to sell their movies. They expect every Nepal loving citizen should go to watch Nepali movie. These days, much of the movies are either A to Z of foreign movies or made by stitching plots from various movies. Skin show, ‘masala’, and controversy are the only thing they use to promote movie and complain when it doesn’t do well.

It doesn’t really matter if it is 100% copy or a 40% copy. It is about the truthfulness of the movie maker or the poster designer. It’s not only posters that are being copied. They have also copied the movie names – making it confusing for the people to distinguish from Bollywood movies (let’s not go in details on other aspects of copying). Poster morphing is the lowest our film makers can stoop to copy other’s creations. This trend will further damage the reputation of Nepali movie industry.