‘Producer’ producer admits low viewers turn-out

The producer of the movie currently running in theater ‘Producer’ – Raj Kumar Rai has admitted that very few viewers have gone to theater to watch the movie. He added, the few viewers who have watched the movie have liked it.


The movie released on December 31 is made on the inside story of Nepali film industry. Rai admitted, general film viewers don’t care what happens backstage and they are more interested in social events and issues related to them. People in film industry have liked the movie but, that is not a big crowd.

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Do Nepali actresses dance in Dubai hotels and casinos?

In a recent rumor, ‘Dhuwani’ actress Sagun Shahi has started dancing in hotels in Dubai. That was not all, it is revealed that a lot of other Nepali actress have been dancing in star hotels in Dubai.

The hotels run by Indian nationals demand Indian and Nepali actresses to dance in their hotels and casinos. The pay of such dancers range from 2,500 Riyal to 4,000 Riyal per month. The actresses usually dance in the hotels for few months to a year and come back to do movies. The movies they do are only to maintain their actress status. The earning made in acting is no match to the earning they make in Dubai.

Actress and model Simpal Khanal has been dancing in Dubai for some time. Five years ago, Simpal had married Prasanna Poudel, but the marriage lasted less than two years. It is rumored that Prasanna wasn’t happy when Simpal started visiting Dubai.

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