Nepali Movie – Khoj

khoj-nepali-movieNepali Movie – Khoj
StarringSuman Singh, Biraj Bhatt, Dipshikha Shahi, Kalpana Shahi, Mausami Malla, Baldip Rai etc.
Director – Kishor Dhakal

About ‘Khoj’

Nepali movie ‘Khoj’ is a presentation of Nainu Shumsher JBR. The movie features the art by late Gopal Bhutani, Background Score by Yam Ale Magar, lyrics by Pramod Dhungana, music by Basanta Sapkota, action by Roshan Shrestha, editing by Banish Shah, choreography by Raju Shah, the script and the cinematography by the director Kishor Dhakal.

Watch the full movie ‘Khoj’
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Nepali Movie – Night Queen

night queen nepali movieNepali Movie – Night Queen
StarringRajesh Hamal, Rajesh Dhungana, Hassan Khan, Shanti Giri, Kalpana Shahi, Joshna Bhatta, Nirmal Century, Surbir Pandit etc.
Director– RB Khatri ‘Sharad’

Watch Nepali movie ‘Night Queen’ in a single part:

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Nepali Movie – Dravya

dravya nepali movieNepali Movie – Dravya
Starring – Biraj Bhatt, Anu Shah, Kalpana Shahi, Ashok Phuyal, Anup Bikram Shahi, Amit Pokharel, Utsav Shah etc.
Director – Markandey Dipbim Basnet

The movie ‘Dravya’ is an action movie of Biraj Bhatt, written by Suvas Singh Basnet. The movie presented by Uddav Poudel for Royal Crown Entertainment also featured Anu Shah and Anup Bikram Shahi. Read xNepali review of ‘Dravya’ and a pre-release review of the movie. Be warned, our reviewer has told that “‘Dravya’ is not a good movie!”

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Nepali Movie – Veer

veerNepali Movie – Veer
StarringRekha Thapa, Yash Kumar, Dilip Rayamajhi, Kalpana Shahi, Kamal Krishna etc.
DirectorDeepak Shrestha

Rambhai Oli’s presentation Nepali film ‘Veer’ features actress Rekha Thapa with singer and actor Yash Kumar. The action movie features the editing of Milan Shrestha, cinematography of Saurav Lama, action of Dev Maharjan, dance of Kamal Rai / Govinda Rai / Shankar BC / Kabiraj Gahatraj and produced by Prabin Shah.

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Do Nepali actresses dance in Dubai hotels and casinos?

In a recent rumor, ‘Dhuwani’ actress Sagun Shahi has started dancing in hotels in Dubai. That was not all, it is revealed that a lot of other Nepali actress have been dancing in star hotels in Dubai.

The hotels run by Indian nationals demand Indian and Nepali actresses to dance in their hotels and casinos. The pay of such dancers range from 2,500 Riyal to 4,000 Riyal per month. The actresses usually dance in the hotels for few months to a year and come back to do movies. The movies they do are only to maintain their actress status. The earning made in acting is no match to the earning they make in Dubai.

Actress and model Simpal Khanal has been dancing in Dubai for some time. Five years ago, Simpal had married Prasanna Poudel, but the marriage lasted less than two years. It is rumored that Prasanna wasn’t happy when Simpal started visiting Dubai.

simpal khanal

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Nepali Movie – Haat Lagyo Sunya

haat-lagyo-sunyaNepali Movie – Haat Lagyo Sunya
Starring, Sushil Pokharel, Kiran KC, Kalpana Shahi, Shiva Acharya, Gopal Dhakal Chande, Suvekchya Thapa (guest) etc.
Script, Dialogue – Diwakar Mainali
Director / story – Bijaya Bikram Basnet

‘Haat Lagyo Sunya’ is the presentation of Bhishow Nepal for B and B Entertainment. The movie is the first comedy movie of the Nepali superstar Rajesh Hamal.

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First look of Nepali movie Gambler released

In a program held in Kathmandu the first look of a movie made on gambling ‘Gambler’ was released. The movie made by Yadav Gurung under YAAC  banner is written and directed by Ramesh Budhathoki.

gambler first look rleased

‘Gambler’ features and Suman Singh in main roles. Other actors in the movie include Bina Budhathoki, Kalpana Shahi, Sonia KC, Mohan Nirula and others. Although the release date is yet to be announced, the movie was completed two years ago. Director Budhathoki told that the movie is made on the story of crime and social trouble caused by casino.

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Nepali Movie – Namaste

namasteNepali Movie – Namaste
StarringDilip Rayamajhi, Kiran KC, Sonia KC, Sushil Pokharel, Gopal Dhakal ‘Chande’, Ranjita Lama, Kalpana Shahi (guest) etc.
Writer / Director – Bijaya Bikram Basnet

This movie is produced by Govind Dhakal ‘Chande’ for Tirthabhakta Vision Pvt. Ltd.

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Movie Review – Dravya

Dravya (pre-release review) was posted previously.

A new Nepali movie ‘Dravya’ was released last Friday. The movie made on a story of few youths related to casino is directed by Markendey Dipbim Basnet and features Ashok Phuyal, Anoop Bikram Shah, Kalpana Shah, Biraj Bhatt, and Amit Pokhrel in leading roles.



Dravya is a story of Binod, Nisha, Paras and Bikram, and their relation to a casino. Binod, Nisha and Paras work in the casino and Paras is one of the regular customers in the casino. Life brings them to a situation in which they need of huge amount of money. Collecting that much money was pretty much impossible by doing good deeds. So, they plan to steal money of a regular casino customer, Khalid. Khalid, an Indian citizen visits Nepal just to lose his money at the casino and have fun with Nepali girls. After stealing the money of Khalid they found out that Khalid is the brother of a big don of India. I wouldn’t spoil your movie going experience by telling if Binod, Nisha, Paras and Bikram succeed in running away from the don and the police.

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Nepali Movie – Dravya (pre-release review)

Nepali movie ‘Dravya’ is releasing on  June 8, 2012. The movie directed by Markendey Dipbim Basnet features Ashok Phuyal, Anoop Bikram Shah, Kalpana Shahi, Biraj Bhatt, Anu Shah, Amit Pokharel in leading roles.


The movie features the cinematoraphy of Ganesh Shrestha, fight direction of Shankar Maharjan Sharad, music direction of Bishesh Pandey, editing of Subash Devkota, and story/script/dialogue of Suvash Singh Basnet.

Crew Background

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