Karishma Manandhar to make comeback as a producer after 14 years

Actress Karishma Manandhar has made a comeback in Nepali film industry as a producer after 14 years. After unexpected failure and loss of huge amount of money Karishma went in hiding. The failure was so frustrating that she left everything to go and stay in the USA. Now, she is testing her luck for the second time as a producer.

karishma manandhar

Karishma says that she still see the potential of commercial movies. She thinks that it is tough to recover the investment from the movies with new tests and experiments. She wants her film to feature love, romance, tragedy, thriller and action and help every types of movie goers to enjoy it.

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Nepali Movie – Producer

Nepali Film – Producer (with English subtitle)
Starring – Baboo Bogati, Wilson Bikram Rai, Shyam Aryal, Sweta Bhattarai, Shyam Rai, Payal Rayamajhi etc.
Director – Janakdeep Parajuli

The poster of the movie ‘Producer’ was found to be a photoshop copy of an English movie. The film makers later admitted low turn-in of the viewers in the movie. That however didn’t stop the movie from winning awards like Kamana Film Awards and D Cine Award. The movie is a presentation of Jyotiraj Rai and produced by Rajkumar Rai. The movie made on the insider’s story of Nepali film industry shows how the artists are taken advantage of in the industry. The movie is written by Kiran Michael and is said to be of comedy, drama category.

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Keki and Aryan also won D Cine Award (winners list)

Similar to the Kamana Film Award, held earlier, Keki Adhikari and Aryan Sigdel have managed to win the best actor awards in D Cine Award.

The film award only for the films made on digital technology, D Cine Award, was held in Kathmandu on December 3, 2014. In the award ceremony organized by Chhayachabi Creation, awards in 22 different catgories were awarded.

Two movies that won most award with 5 awards each are ‘Nai Nabhannu La 2’ and ‘Chha Ekan Chha’. Actor Aryan Sigdel and actress Keki Adhikari were awarded the best actor and actress award respectively.

Here are the list of Award winning films and their respective awards:

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Kamana Film Awards – Mahasush wins the most awards

The first CG Kamana Film Awards was announced in a program held on December 1, 2014 in Kathmandu. In addition to awarding the artists, a cultural program was also organized featuring Nepali film artists including Karishma Manandhar, Bhuwan KC and other.  The nomination list of Kamana Film Award was posted in xnepali in October.

Following movies and artists were honored by the award in the ceremony:

Winner Films

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‘Producer’ producer admits low viewers turn-out

The producer of the movie currently running in theater ‘Producer’ – Raj Kumar Rai has admitted that very few viewers have gone to theater to watch the movie. He added, the few viewers who have watched the movie have liked it.

The movie released on December 31 is made on the inside story of Nepali film industry. Rai admitted, general film viewers don’t care what happens backstage and they are more interested in social events and issues related to them. People in film industry have liked the movie but, that is not a big crowd.

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Producer to release in Dubai, prior to Nepal release

Nepali movie ‘Producer’ is going to release in Dubai before it is released in Nepal on Magh 17 (January 31, 2014). The movie will run for a month in Dubai for Nepali people living in the capital of UAE. According to the producer Jyotiraj Rai, the movie will be released with the help of the non-resident Nepali.

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Poster morphing in Nepali movies, a new free advertising ?

It seems, Nepali film makers have decided that poster plagiarism is one of the marketing strategies. Although morphing of posters are criticized by almost everybody, remotely interested in Nepali movies, more and more movies are repeating the same thing.

The last movie we wrote about such poster copy was of ‘Wrong Way’, posted less than two weeks ago. Our readers, who otherwise wouldn’t know about the movie at least knew that the movie features Jiya KC and is being made.

We guess, the producers of ‘Producer’ knew about the free publicity and have released their own copy-paste poster. And, we fell for them and are posting their poster with the original (Shim Ant shared it in our Facebook page.) The photoshoped copy of the poster of an Alex Gibney’s film ‘Casino Jack and the United States of Money’ is made by adding a six Nepali faces in it.

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First Look photos of ‘Producer’ released

After ‘Kollywood‘ another movie made on the insider’s story of Nepali movie industry, ‘Producer’ is going to be released soon. On the occasion of Democarcy Day, the posters and photos of the movie were released in social networking site, Facebook.

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Shri Krishna Shrestha – Nepali actor, producer

SAD news – Shree Krishna Shrestha died on August 9, 2014 in Apolo Hospital, Delhi, India because of pneumonia. Shree’s last movie ‘Kohinoor’ was released a day before on August 8. He had a long affair with the actress Sweta Khadka and got married a month before the death. Shree and Sweta were told to be in a honeymoon tour to India where he died.

Shree debuted in Nepali film industry in ‘Bhumari’ in 2045 BS as a short role as a college boy. He was a friend of the lead actor in ‘Kasam’, a villain in ‘Pukar’ before debuting in lead role. In 2049 he worked in lead role in Chhabi Raj Ojha production movie ‘Nata’.

Films of Shree Krishna available in xnepali:
Nepali Movie – Kohinoor (Shree Krishna, Shweta Khadka)
Nepali Movie – Chunauti (Only description )
Nepali Movie – A Mero Hajur
Nepali Movie – Gorkhali
Nepali Movie – Sita
Nepali Movie – Nirmaya
Nepali Movie – Sukha Dukha
Documentary – Samjhanama Shree Krishna
Nepali Movie – Jeet
Nepali Movie – Ram Balaram
Nepali Movie – Hamro Maya Juni Juni Lai
Nepali Movie – Soon Chandi
Nepali Movie – Afno Ghar Afnai Manche
Nepali Movie – Dharti
Nepali Movie – Beimani
Nepali Movie – Yestai Hunchha Pirati
Nepali Movie – Dulaha Raja Dulahi Rani
Nepali Movie – Unko Samjhanama
Nepali Movie – Pocketmar
Nepali Movie – Prem Yuddha
Nepali Movie – Nata Ragatko
Nepali Movie – Shreeman Shreemati
Nepali Movie – Jali Rumal
Nepali Movie – Guru Chela (1997)
Nepali Movie – Garib
Nepali Movie – Nata
Nepali Movie- Laxmi Puja
Nepali Movie – Bharosa
Nepali Movie – Jeevan Rekha
Nepali Movie – Bar Pipal
Nepali Movie – Afanta
Nepali Movie – Aafno Manche
Nepali Movie – Daiba

Original article continues:

Sri Krishna Shrestha has established himself as a successful actor with more than 100 movies as an actor. In recent years when acting offers were reduced, Sri Krishna decided to test his hand on producing movies.

His first home production movie ‘Kaha Bhetiyala’ (2009) proved to be successful and helped him to establish himself as a successful producer.

In is career, Sri Krishna has given many hit movies like Afanta, Afno Manchhe, Eh Mero Hajur, Hami Tin Bhai etc. Most of his movies are directed by a successful director Shiva Regmi. The only movies directed by Shiva Regmi without Shri Krishna were Manish, Upahar and Ek Phera Hansi Deuna.

Shri Krishna is unmarried till date but he is rumored to be in love with Sweta Khadka, the lead actress of his movie Kaha Bhetiyala, and that they are planning to get married soon. Sweta Khadka debuted her acting career in Shri Krishna’s first movie as a new face.

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