Nepali Movie – Panimanche

Nepali Movie – Panimanche (Waterman)
Starring – Kumar Subedi, Barun Adhikari, Priya Basnet, Sabina Karki, Surbir Pandit, Pawan Karki, Roshan Rana Magar etc.
Story, producer – Kumar Subedi, Barun Adhikari
Director – Pawan Karki

About Panimanchhe

A movie by Purwanchal Films ‘Waterman’ is the presentation of Kurmar and Barun. The movie is made on a story of a powerful jungle man who live near a river. The water man has never seen other human beings. This is an interesting story of a strange man.

Shreekanta sigdel, Rajendra Adhikari, Purna G.C. , Tanka sigdel ,Kash Gurung, Depandra Shrestha, Mohan jung karki,maya gurung, Sunita ,Birkam ruchal,Sobit basayal,
Producers: Krishna sigdel , Shreekanta sigdel
Director: Shreekanta sigdel
Editor: Sagun Sigdel
Action: Yograndra Shrestha
Choreographer: Prakash Bhatta
Music : Sarbhagyaman Shayka , Shyamsung Tamang, Sobit basayal, Amit gurung
Lyrics: Rajendra Adhikari, Sobit basayal
Singers: Sarbhagyaman Shayka , Shyamsung Tamang ,Rubi , Aajuta , Sobit basayal
Story: Shreekanta sigdel
Screenplay/Diolouge: Rajendra Adhikari
Art Director: Sunil sigdel
Production Manager: Mohanjung Karki
Production Design: Purna G.C.
Costume Designer: Aabash Ali
Asst Directors: Tanka prasad sigdel
Chief Asst Director: Shreekanta sigdel
Associate Director: Ek raj adhikari
Line Producer: Sagun Sigdel
VFX / Motion Graphics: Geetesh pardan
Post: Shree Bhairab Film
Press: Shiva sharma , Hari bhattari
Theatrical Trailer: Sagun Sigdel
Poster Phography: Kash gurung

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Third person involved in the split in Rekha Thapa and Shyama Bhattarai ?

In a latest report, Shyam Bhattarai has told that there is a third person who is responsible in creating problem in the relationship between Rekha Thapa and himself. In report, Shyam and Rekha have patched up and have agreed not to express their dissatisfaction publicly.

rekha thapa - sudarshan gautam and shyam bhattarai

According to a report in Merocinema, the disabled actor – Sudarshan Gautam is told to be involved in creating the issue between the producer and the director of the movie. The report says – Sudarshan has invested in the movie and he didn’t like Shyam Bhattarai so, he had asked Rekha to remove him. The website says that Rekha and Sudarshan are having an affair. Although Rekha is the official producer of the movie, Sudarshan has actually taken over all the production responsibility of the movie.

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Chhabi to make Hawaldar Suntali, wooing Rekha to do the lead

According to a report in an online magazine, Chhabi Raj Ojha is going to produce a movie titled ‘Hawaldar Suntali’. Chhabi is hopeful to feature his ex-wife Rekha Thapa in the leading role if she agrees. The movie to be made on an action story fits the character Rekha prefers to do in movies.

Chhabi has chosen Rishi Lamichane to direct the new movie. Rishi is told to be in good terms with Rekha, so he is talking with the actress about her role in the movie and mend relationship with Chhabi.

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