Rekha Thapa and Nikhil Upreti together after 8 years

After 8 years, actress Rekha Thapa is going to be featured opposite to Nikhil Upreti in upcoming movie ‘Lootera’. The movie to be produced by the distributor, Gopal Kayastha, will be directed by Shabir Shrestha. Although Nikhil and Rekha have agreed to work together verbally, they are yet to sign a contract.

rekha thapa and nikhil upreti

Nikhil and Rekha had shared screen in a number of hit movies like ‘Ae Pandit Baje’ (watch Ae Pandit Baje) ‘Dhadkan’, ‘Nikhil Dai’, Pale Dai (watch Pale Dai), Karmayoddha, Barmala (watch Barmala), and Dobato. The relationship had however soured in the last few years. Gopal Kayastha has played a role in bringing Rekha and Nikhil together again.

It is to be seen if they will still charm the Nepali audience. There was a report of Rekha Thapa to be featured as an item girl in an Nikhil’s film ‘Bharirav’ the progress however is not known.

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