Nepali Movie – King (Nikhil Upreti)

Nepali Movie – King
Starring – Nikhil Upreti, Anoop Bikram Shahi, Benisha Hamal, Rupa Rana etc.
Director – Shabir Shrestha

The action movie of Nikhil Upreti was released in 2017 (release news). The movie produced by Jyan Shrestha features Nikhil in action and romantic role.

Watch the movie here:
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Nepali Movie – Kasle Choryo Mero Man (Rekha Thapa, Aryan Sigdel)

Nepali Movie – Kasle Choryo Mero Man (2011)
Starring: Aryan Sigdel, Rekha Thapa, Nir Shah, Rama Thapaliya, Kamal Krishna etc.
Direction – Shabir Shreshta

About ‘Kasle Choryo Mero Man’

The movie is the 11th movie by producer Chhabi Raj Ojha under Rekha Films banner. The movie is the fifth movie by Rekha films banner. That was before Rekha and Chhabi decided to divorce. The movie directed by Sabir Shrestha featured Aryan Sigdel opposite to Rekha Thapa. After the movie, actor Aryan and Rekha stopped talking with each other for about six years. They met in 2017 to work in ‘Rudrapriya’, released in Tihar this year. The movie however failed to impress the viewers. The movie also won the Best Movie award at the CG Film Award. (Read more on CG Film Award 2011) The movie also won National Film Award for the art director – Nirjal Shrestha. (Read more about National Film Award of 2014)

Watch movie here
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Movie Songs – Nepali Movie, Rampyari, audio jukebox

The songs of the upcoming movie of actress Rekha Thapa under her banner Rekha Films, ‘Rampyari’ is attached for your entertainment. The audio jukebox has three songs from the movie. The movie is scheduled to release on the last Friday of the year 2072 BS – on Chaitra 27 (April 8, 2016). Rekha’s ex-husband’s movie ‘Kismat 2’ is also expected to release on the same date.

rampyari poster

The movie ‘Rampyari’ features Rekha in the role of a three-wheeler driver and is based on a real person. The movie directed by Shabir Shrestha features Sabin Shrestha opposite to Rekha Thapa and also introduces Rekha’s nephew Aavash Adhikari opposite to actress Ashma DC.

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Nepali movie – Tathastu

tathastuNepali movie – Tathastu
StarringRekha Thapa, Kishor Khatiwoda, Subash Thapa, Bigyan Joshi, Siru Bista, Ramesh Adhikari, Bhabu Lamsal, Khusbu Khadka etc.
DirectorShabir Shrestha

The Nepali movie ‘Tathastu’ featuring actress Rekha with Kishor was highly publicized as a female centric movie. The movie by Kites entertainment was rated ‘U’ by the Censor Board of Nepal and was released on January 9, 2015. The movie was one of the commercial successes of the year 2071.

Please read the review of ‘Tathastu’ here.

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Nepali Movie – Aadhi Bato

aadhi bato nameNepali Movie – Aadhi Bato
Starring Yash Kumar, Jenisha KC, Sabin Shrestha, Anu Shah etc.
DirectorShabir Shrestha

The movie ‘Aadhi Bato’ was released a year ago on April of 2014. The music jukebox of the movie was posted earlier in xnepali. Some of the shooting of the movie was done in the UK. Jenisha KC’s UK visit for the shooting of the movie had caused some rumour between the actress and the producer of the movie, Ramesh Twayna. In response to the rumour, Jenisha refused any affair and had to tell that she has an unknown Russian boyfriend.
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Movie Songs – Adhi Bato audio jukebox

Here are the songs of the movie released a year earlier on April 4, 2014. The Shabir Shrestha‘s directorial venture movie ‘Aadhi Bato’ features Yash Kumar, Jenisha KC and Sabin Shrestha, Anu Shah in leading roles. A part of the movie was shot in the UK.

When the actress Jenisha went to the UK for the shooting, there was a rumor of the relationship between Jenisha and the NRN producer Ramesh Twayana. It was not the first time Twayana was linked to the actress of the movie he is producing. He was also linked to actress Sumina Ghimire when they secretly traveled to foreign countries.

aadhi bato

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Tathastu, film review

‘Tathastu’ Details

Nepali film – Tathastu
StarringRekha Thapa, Kishor Khatiwada, Subash Thapa etc.
DirectorShabir Shrestha 
Release date – January 09, 2015
Gerne – Action, thriller

Tathastu Plot

Nepali film ‘Tathastu’ is about Basanti who is abused by her husband. The film about domestic violence and marital rape is a story of a typical Nepali woman abused by her husband. Basanti’s husband, Kamal, is an influential political figure. Kamal sexually abuses Basanti before marriage and it continues after the marriage. When things become intolerable, Basanti fakes death and runs away to her village.

When Kamal knew that Basanti is alive, he brings her back. The movie ‘Tathastu’ is about the fight of Bananti against her abusing husband.

tathastu poster

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Friday Release, Aavash, Alvida, and Tathastu

Three new Nepali movies are releasing on this Friday, January 9, 2014. Rekha Thapa‘s ‘Tathastu’, Samyam Puri‘s ‘Aavash’ and Aryan Sigdel‘s ‘Alvida’ are the movies fighting to attract the viewers.

friday release


Targeted to the youths, Nepali film ‘Aavash’ is directed by Surendra Poudel featuring actors Samyam Puri, Ashma DC, Nisha Adhikari, Salon Basnet, and Sunil Rawal in main roles. Made on a youth love story the story of the film is written by the director himself in association with Hemraj BC. The online couple Samyam Puri and Ashma DC were actually in love relationship offline. But, in a latest report, they have separated on mutual understanding. Samyam is currently busy in the shooting of another movie so, he hasn’t participated in the promotion of the movie.

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Tathastu promotion and Rekha Thapa, has she invested in the film?

Actress Rekha Thapa is totally biased during the promotion of the movie based on the film production house. She gives all of her in her home production movies and ignores the films produced by others. There are a lot of examples of failure of the movies when Rekha ignored the promotion of the movie. The last example was ‘Damdar’ (watch ‘Damdar’) for which we wrote about the lack of enthusiasm of Rekha in the promotion of the film. She didn’t even show up in the press meet organized by the film makers.

rekha thapa tathstu look (1)

But, in the case of ‘Tathastu’, she has changed her attitude and has been promoting the movie in her Facebook page, in every interviews and she is even promoting the film in television shows. Now the question arises, what made Rekha to give herself in the promotion of the movie produced by somebody other than herself.

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Rekha Thapa and Nikhil Upreti together after 8 years

After 8 years, actress Rekha Thapa is going to be featured opposite to Nikhil Upreti in upcoming movie ‘Lootera’. The movie to be produced by the distributor, Gopal Kayastha, will be directed by Shabir Shrestha. Although Nikhil and Rekha have agreed to work together verbally, they are yet to sign a contract.

rekha thapa and nikhil upreti

Nikhil and Rekha had shared screen in a number of hit movies like ‘Ae Pandit Baje’ (watch Ae Pandit Baje) ‘Dhadkan’, ‘Nikhil Dai’, Pale Dai (watch Pale Dai), Karmayoddha, Barmala (watch Barmala), and Dobato. The relationship had however soured in the last few years. Gopal Kayastha has played a role in bringing Rekha and Nikhil together again.

It is to be seen if they will still charm the Nepali audience. There was a report of Rekha Thapa to be featured as an item girl in an Nikhil’s film ‘Bharirav’ the progress however is not known.

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Nepali Movie – Ishara

isharaNepali Movie – Ishara
StarringRekha Thapa, Uttam Pradhan, Uma Baby, Bhupen Chand, Hemanta Budhathoki etc.
DirectorShabir Shrestha

The movie ‘Ishara’  is a presentation of actress Uma Baby featuring actress Rekha Thapa in leading role. The movie is made under Anushi Films P. Ltd. banner. The movie was released in Kathmandu on November 2, 2012.

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Shabir Shrestha celebrated birthday at the set of Tathastu

The ‘Tathastu’ director Shabir Shrestha celebrated his birthday at the sets of the movie. The movie currently on floor features actress Rekha Thapa in lead role. The lead actors Kishor Khatiwada, Subash Thapa, Rekha Thapa, director Samjhana Upreti Rauniar and journalists were present at the celebration.

shabir shrestha Birthday celebration (6)

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Tathashtu shooting starts, Rekha Thapa to lead

The shooting of upcoming movie of Shabir Shrestha, ‘Tathastu’ has started in MaHa Studio in Budhanilakantha. The movie is featuring actress Rekha Thapa in leading role. With Rekha, Kishor Khatiwada, Subash Thapa and Bigyan Joshi (new face) are going to be featured in leading roles in the movie. Shabir had announced the movie earlier this year.

rekha thapa in tathastu 1

Shabir Shrestha had worked in Rekha Films movies like ‘Kasle Choryo Mero Man’  and ‘Kali‘. This time, Shabir is producing ‘Tathashtu’ himself. The movie features the action of Roshan Shrestha, choreography of Ramji Lamichane and Kabiraj Gahatraj. Basanta Sapkota is the music composer, Babu Shrestha is behind camera, and Jagadishowr Thapa has written the script.

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Friday release, Aadhi Bato, Wrong Way and Divorce

This Friday, April 4 three new Nepali movies were released. Shabir Shrestha‘s ‘Aadhi Bato’, Deepak Shrestha‘s ‘Wrong Way’ and Manish Pantha’s ‘Divorce’ were released in theaters.

adhi bato poster

‘Adhi Bato’ features actors Yash Kumar, Jenisha KC, Sabin Shrestha and Anu Shah in main roles. The movie made on triangular love story is made popular by catching music. The controversy of actress Jneisha KC and her relationship with the producer Ramesh Twayna has also helped in the promotion of the movie.

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Shabir Shrestha to produce ‘Tathastu’ featuring Rekha Thapa and Kishor Khatiwoda

Director of ‘Hamesha‘, Shabir Shrestha is going to produce a movie of his own titled ‘Tathastu’. The movie to feature Rekha Thapa in leading role will feature Kishor Khatiwoda in opposite to Rekha. As before, Rekha will be the central character of the movie. Kishor had acted opposite to Rekha in ‘Kali‘.

rekha thapa and sabir Shrestha

Although Rekha is currently busy in the shooting of ‘Himmatwali’ in West Nepal, she has already signed the agreement to do Sabir’s movie. After ‘Damdar’ and ‘Himmatwali’; ‘Tathastu’ will be Rekha’s third movie to release next year.

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