Keki Adhikari family in debt, bank notice published in newspaper

Actress Keki Adhikari‘s name and photo was published in a daily for being a witness to the bank defaulter. Her photo and detail was published with her father, director Badri Adhikari, and her mother Laxmi Adhikari for their failure to pay the credit they took from Civil Bank Limited.

In the notice, the bank has asked the creditors to pay the dues of the home load they had taken within 35 days of the notice. According to the following notice, the bank will auction their house if they fail to pay the dues in time.

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Nepali Movie – Damini

damini filmNepali Movie – Damini
StarringBiraj Bhatt, Rekha Thapa, Binay Anand, Rani Chatarjee, Manoj Narayan, Usha Poudel etc.
Director – Sanu Shakya

Bhagawati Films Production presents Anil Kumar’s film ‘Damini’. A film conceived by Dr. Sunil Kumar. Action by Roshan Shrestha, editing by Banish Shah, choreography of Basanta Shrestha and Anthony, cinematography of Ram Shankar Pradhan/Raju Shrestha, written by Shivam Adhikari, and produced by Dr. Sunil Kumar.

A Bhojpuri dubbed Nepali movie ‘Damini’ featuring actress Rekha Thapa was released on the same date as Rekha’s movie ‘Kali‘. The superhit movie in Bhojpuri however wasn’t as successful as ‘Kali’ (watch ‘Kali’ here).

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