Movie theaters to open this Friday

The multiplex theaters in Kathmandu are going to start their regular business starting this Friday. Apart from one damaged theater, Cine de Chef, all other multiplex theaters are opening on May 8, 2015.

big cinemas

The compound walls of QFX theater had fallen but the theater itself is undamaged. The CTC Mall building, where Cine de Chef is located, has been completely damaged by earthquake. Other theaters are reported to be in good condition to continue operation.

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Priyanka Karki, Anju Pant and Shiva Pariyar collecting earthquake relief fund in the UK

Actress Priyanka Karki, singer Anju Pant and singer Shiva Pariyar are collecting earthquake relief fund in the UK. After doing various volunteer works in hospital and other places, Priyanka had gone London, for fund collection (read earthquake relief works of Priyanka in

Priyanka had four pre-planned programs on May 2, May 9, May 10 and May 17 in UK. After Saturday’s earthquake she cancelled her Sunday’s flight to the UK and started working in earthquake relief work. The event coordinator in the UK however had different plans. They had already booked halls and people had already bought tickets for the shows. They decided to organize fund collection by collecting donations in the already booked halls. With that plan, Priyanka went to the UK on May 1.

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