Nepali Movie – My Love (Mero Maya)

my_loveNepali Movie – My Love (Mero Maya)
StarringJharana Thapa, Prakash Subedi, Sangita Darai, Nani Maya Gurung etc.
Director – Bibek Thapa

A love story movie ‘Mero Maya’ is a presentation of Nani Maya Gurung. The movie features the choreography of Bibek Thapa, script/dialogue/story of LP Pandey, action by Pradip Khadka / Punya Ojha, and cinematography by Sachidra Tuladhar.

Jharana Thapa is only featured in a song (item song, at around 1:29:00) and has nothing to do with the story.

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Nikhil Upreti’s Bhairav trailer dialogue stolen from a South Indian movie trailer

The dialogue spoken in the trailer of Nikhil Upreti‘s upcoming movie ‘Bhairav’ is found to be similar to that of a South Indian movie, ‘Temper’. The dialogue in the trailer of the Telugu movie (attached below) is as follows:

Sub-Inspector of Police, department …. (Telugu dialogue) fully corrupted, criminal minded, 100 % cunning.

The similar dialogue in ‘Bhairav’ goes like:

Inspector of police, department ko headache, fully violent, criminal minded, 100% mental…

Changing Sub-Inspector to Inspector and the word cunning to mental doesn’t makes it authentic. Now, the question is, is it only the dialogue or the whole movie that is copied from the movie ‘Temper’?

bhairav triler problem

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Nepali Movie – Deurali

deurali nameNepali Movie – Deurali
StarringDhiren Shakya, Lokendra Karki, Pooja Chand, Yubraj Lama, Bhuwan Chand, Mukunda Shrestha, Dinesh DC, Ramchandra Adhikari etc.
DirectorYuvaraj Lama

Nepali Movie ‘Deurali’ is a presentation of Tripur Sundari Films. The movie is made on story with action, revenge, drama and comedy. The music is composed by Shakti Ballav, lyrics by Dinesh Adhikari, action by Yogendra  Shrestha, choreogrphy by Raju Shah, editing by Narendra Khadka, cinematography by Shambhu Sapkota and script/produced by Yuvaraj Lama.

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