2017 Artists of the Month

Starting the year 2017, I have decided to feature the artist of the month. For the whole month I will be focused on one particular artist while preparing videos, news and movies.

To choose which artist to feature for the month, I am going to post a poll in Twitter. For the month of January I have posted a poll in Twitter with four options:

  • Rekha Thapa
  • Rajes Hamal
  • Karishma Manandhar
  • Anmol KC

At the time of this writing, Rajesh Hamal is leading. Most probably Rajesh Hamal is going to be the artist of the month of January 2016. I will write a separate post for the artist of the month after the 24 hours time limit of the following poll ends. (if you don’t use Twitter, please tell your choice in comment.)

Apart from the poll I have made a tentative list of artist that will be featured in the coming months this year. This list is preliminary and is subjected to modification. I have listed 12 artists in the following list. The list is incomplete as there are a lot of other artist who deserve to be in the list. In addition, more deserving new artists might also come in future.

Proposed Artists of the month

I will randomly choose 4 artists on the last day of the month and conduct similar poll to choose the artist of the month, February.

  1. Rajesh Hamal
  2. Rekha Thapa
  3. Karishma Manandhar
  4. Anmol KC
  5. Bhuwan KC
  6. Keki Adhikari
  7. Sunil Thapa
  8. Nisha Adhikari
  9. Namrata Shrestha
  10. Samragyee RL Shah
  11.  Pooja Sharma
  12.  Saugat Malla

The possibilities in the two blank spots are Richa Sharma, Deeya Maskey, Salon Basnet, Aana Sharma, Jharana Thapa, Gauri Malla, Pradeep Khadka, Gaurav Pahadi, Shristi Shrestha, Rista Basnet, Chhulthim Gurung, Aashima Nakarmi and so on.

From this list, I will conduct a poll to choose the artist of the year. The artist of the year will be awarded with an award and a certificate.

Artists of the month

For the artist of the month, I will write and prepare videos of the artists. One article or video every week – will result in at least four product on the artist. The topics might be one or more of the following.

  • Biography of the artist
  • Historical event of interest of the artist.
  • Inspirational or significant aspect of the life of the artist
  • Love, scandal or similar incidents

The artists of the months will be updated every month.

  • Artist of the month January 2017 is – Rajesh Hamal
  • Artist of the month February 2017 is – (Update on January 30)
  • Artist of the month March 2017 is – (Update on February 28)
  • Artist of the month April 2017 is – (Update on March 30)
  • Artist of the month May 2017 is – (Update on April 30)
  • (more updates later)

Artist of the month January 2017 is Rajesh Hamal. Read more here about Rajesh Hamal.

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