Nepali Movie – Kamina (New release, full movie)

Nepali Movie – Kamina
Starring – Narayan Ghimire, Mahima Silwal, Bikram Chhetri etc.
Director – Rishi Neupane

About ‘Kamina’

This movie is produced by Madhu Chhetri under AB Films banner and is directed by Rishi Neupane. The movie features cinematography of Rabi Koirala, action of Pradeep Khadka, choreography by Hari Wagle and editing of Kiran Adhikari. Hot actress Mahima Silwal is featured opposite to Nayan Ghimire in leading roles in the movie.

The movie was released in July of 2017 (Read Friday Release news of the movie). The movie however wasn’t much successful commercially.

Full movie is not available now. Watch the trailer of the movie until the full movie is available online:
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Friday Release – Karkhana and Kamina (4 Online releases)

Nepali movies ‘Karkhana’ and ‘Kamina’ were the two movies released on the theatre in Nepal on Friday, June 30, 2017. In addition to offline release of movies, the online releases have also been important these days. So, starting today, I will also add the new releases on online.

Offline release

Among the two moves to release in theatre in Kathmandu, ‘Karkhana’ has received a high amount of publicity because of the stars Sushil (‘Hostel Returns’ actor) and Barsha Siwakoti (‘Pashupati Prasad’ actress). The movie also organized a premier event before the official release of the movie. The main attraction in another movie is actress Mahima Silwal. Mahima is well known for her hot avatar in movies.

  • Karkhana
  • Kamina

Watch ‘Pashupati Prasad’ and also Watch ‘Nai Nabhannu La 2’ to see the acting of Barsha. Watch ‘Hostel Returns’ so see Sushil in action.

Online Release

Click on the links to watch the full movies:

The details of the online release movies are posted in their respective pages. So, dedicated details of these online release are not included in this post.
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