2018 – Divorces in 2017, Reema, Arunima and Milan Amatya

Three celebrities who have divorced this year are Reema Biswokarma, Arunima Lamsal and Milan Amatya. I don’t know of any male celebrities who has divorced last year. Two of the celebrities are actresses and one singer.

Actress Reema’s marriage didn’t last two years. Reema and Robert BK married in 2015 but, when it didn’t go well, they decided to part their ways. Robert has already found another model as his wife. They have already engaged and are going to get married soon. In public statements, Reema has confirmed the report but has refused to discuss the cause in details. There is no information about the involvement of third parties in their relationship.

Another divorce is of Arunima Lamsal. The actress is yet to publicly announce the divorce. As she hasn’t denied the rumour and Arunima is not seen with her husband since then, we can safely assume that the divorce news is true. These days, in the program held in Arunima’s home, Arunima’s husband is not seen in the family photos. Arunima has a daughter and she is living with her daughter and her parents in the USA. The reason of the separation is yet to be known.

Another celebrity divorce in 2017 was that of Milan Amatya. The singer and her husband separated when after six years of marriage. Milan divorced before Dashain and went to her maternal home to celebrate Dashain this year. Milan has confirmed the separation but hasn’t given a specific reason of the divorce. There were rumours of her relationship with a singer but, both of them deny such relationship.

It seems, I have only talked about the female in the relationship. That was because the female are the celebrities that people know. The husbands of all three are not well known personalities to be discussed about. I don’t know of any male celebrity who have divorced in 2017. If you know of the cases I have missed please comment below. Thank you.

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