2018 – Celebrity Marriages in 2017

Celebrity marriages in 2017 are:

  • Raj Ballav Koirala – Raj Ballav gor married with Pramita Bimali in the last month of the year, on December 7, 2017. (My video report here)
  • Gamvir Bista and Nishma Ghimire – I missed writing the news report on the marriage of this actress and choreographer marriage. Nishma Ghimire is the actress of movies like ‘Rhythm’, ‘Love You Baba’, ‘Janmabhumi’ etc. (Attached at the end of the post is a photo of the two after marriage)
  • Nisha Adhikari – On June 30, actress Nisha Adhikari married cricketer Sharad Veshwakar. On the New Year, she announced her 5-months pregnancy. (Watch my video report here)
  • Chandani Sharma – A new actress in the Nepali film industry who debuted in ‘Stupid Man’ got married with Ajay Pokharel in May of 2017. Chandani lives in Australia and she is also featured in an upcoming movie ‘Lamfu’. (My report here.)
  • Evana Manandhar – The Miss Nepal 2015, Evana Manandhar got married with Pragun. (Video report on the marriage)
  • Tejula Khatiwada – On February 18, actress of films like ‘The Most Wanted’ and ‘Just For You’, Teluja Khatiwada was married to Suman Raj Basnet. (My report here)

Among the five marriages, Nisha Adhikari’s marriage was widely covered in media because both the bride and the groom are celebrities in their own fields. Sharad Veshwakar is the top grade cricket player and Nisha is well known actress who had recently produced a movie as a producer.

After relocating to the USA Raj Ballav is not that well known in the film industry.

The marriage of Miss Nepal 2015 also went unnoticed by many because, Evana is not active in the entertainment industry like other Miss Nepal. Other actresses are also not that well known in the film industry.

People were excited of the marriage of some of the celebrity sons and daughters this year. The high class celebrity daughter marriage was that of the daughter of the president, Vidya Devi Bhandari. In the marriage ceremony, ex-king had also been a guest.

The marriage of Hari Bamsha Acharya was a also a grand ceremony. Deepak Raj Giri’s son’s marriage was done secretly and the marriage of Krishna Malla’s son also didn’t make into news.

Here are the list of celebrity sons/daughter marriages in 2017:

  • Mohit Bamsha Acharya (Hari Bamsha Acharya’s son)
  • Sakriya Malla (Krishna Malla and Sharmila Malla’s son)
  • Dipesh Raj Giri (Deepak Raj Giri’s son)
  • Nisha Kusum Bhandari(President Vidya Devi Bhandari’s daughter)

Photo: Nishma and Gamvir after marriage

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