Building a great body – Warm up (Yuki Limbu videos)

I stumbled upon this girl – Yukii Limbu. She has given a very easy to follow warm up for a great body – Glute activation/ Warm up – for a great body.

She says, “These are just workout I do before moving onto heavy weights. I usually do 4 set of 10 – 20reps”

The following Instagram post has five different videos each giving the procedure of the warmup.

She wrote, “Little background regarding gym and me. I have been training with weight for roughly 2 years on and off. End of last year I was injured so I couldn’t train as much hence I have lost a lot of my gains. However, in 2019 I will be more consistent with my training and will also be uploading my workout video and tips.”

Enjoy and please thank her if you find it useful and encourage her to share more such videos and photos.
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Nepali Movie – Teen Ghumti (Garima Panta, Dhruba Dutta)

Nepali Movie – Teen Ghumti
Starring – Garima Panta, Dhurba Dutta, Sushant Karki
Director – Babu Ram Dhakal

This movie is based on popular novel of BP Koirala by the same name. The movie features a very talented actress Garima panta in leading role.



A movie based on B P Koirala’s Novel
Movie: “Tin Ghumti”
Directed By : Babu Ram Dhakal
Starring : Garima Panta, Dhurba Dutta, Sushant Karki
Co-Producer : PankajJalan/BaburamDhakal
Executive Producer : Gopal Prasad Subedi
Production Manager: Karan Singh
Art Direction : Gaheyndra Jimi
Editing: Bipin Malla
Creative: Aseem Gautam
Story/Dialogue : B.P. Koirala
Screenplay : Samipya Raj Timalsena
Lyricist: Dr. Krishna HariBaral
Music:Basanta Sapkota
Sound Mixing:Sunayman Shrestha
Color : Manoranjan Shrestha
Dance:Ramji Lamichhane
Make-Up : Saroj Pandey
VFX:Kanchan Shahi/Anupam Shah( Bhavya Arts)
Produced By : Rakesh Adukia
World Sales : Mountain River Films