Pre-Wedding Honeymoon of Priyanka to Bali, Indonesia

Actress Priyanka Karki and her boyfriend (to-be husband) Aysuhman Desraj Joshi are having a great time in Bali, a touristic destination of Indonesia.

A video report:

Priyanka told the reason they went to the island :


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Just cruisin⛴

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and hot pose of the actress:

Talk of promises


love songs:

and more and more:

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My love my LIFE❤ #mylovemychallenge I call him my LIFE because he has finally showed me what it means to let your spirit free and LIVE. I have always been very happy on the professional front but my personal life was just going on.. I mean no big deal kinda going on. Yes, I was happy, content, had all the things I wanted and thought I had a perfect life.. but turns out I was missing out on the most important part.. I was missing out on trusting the magic of love. When your heart finds love (with a good man, ofcourse! There is a difference. Trust me!), life becomes UNSTOPPABLE and I am in that phase now and I owe it all to him❤ #happyheart #anniversary #twoyearanniversary #iloveyouforever #bali2019 #vacaymodeon #loveisinthehair #travelholic #travelgram #ayankation #ayanka

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Time for hot poses:

and a hot body

hot looks

bikini poses

very good photography

cute :

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