Rekah Thapa didn’t show up in the convention in the USA

Rekha Thapa and Sudarshan Gautam didn’t show up in the ANMA – NASeA Joint convention organized in Denver Colorado from August 29 to August 31, 2014. Rekha was scheduled to premier her upcoming movie ‘Himmatwali’ and meet the guests of the event. But, the premier show was canceled at the last minute and Rekha and Sudarshan also didn’t show up in the program to meet the guests.

rekha thapa and mom saraswoti
The convention was organized at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Denver International Airport. Rekha had arrived there on September 27 with her mother Saraswati Thapa.

After the convention, Rekha and her mother had headed towards New York on September 2. Although most of the participants didn’t see Rekha in the program, she had taken a few photos with some of the convention participants and shared in her Facebook page.

One thought on “Rekah Thapa didn’t show up in the convention in the USA

  1. Look at our so called top star . She and her mother exchanging there sandal in every snap. So, the conclusion is though you become top star or even produce the movie they can’t afford sandal also. Hahah.
    This is our nepali movie industry.

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