4 young women that made a difference – Rojisha, Shova Sharma, Palsang Lama and Nikita

Well known writer Buddhisagar wrote in Twitter – “This week three young women of the new generation impressed me big time. Shova Sharma in writing, Rojisha Shahi in acting, Palsang Lama in music. Best wishes for the new heights.” (that was my rough translation of the Nepali text, attached at the end.)

In that list, I would like to add one more beauty – the Miss Nepal 2017, Nikita Chandak. I believe, she represent a whole new community and a diversion from the Kathmandu-centric Miss Nepal of the past. Let me introduce these four young women:

I know Rojisha Shahi:

  • A new height in the film industry (height in literal sense, she sure is tall)
  • Intelligent (it takes some of that to win the Miss Nepal Earth 2013 title) and
  • A new promising actress who debuted in Richa Sharma’s movie ‘Aadha Love’. One more promising movie of the actress ‘Gangster Blues’ is coming soon. ‘Gangster Blues’ is the movie by superhit director of ‘Jerryy’ and ‘Hostel’, Hemraj BC. The actress of ‘Jerryy’, Anna Sharma is also making comeback in the movie.

[Read the full biography of Rojisha Shahi in Nepaliactress]

And, I also know the Miss Nepal Nikita Chandak because I had made an introduction video of the new Miss Nepal. I had to search about the remaining two – Shova Sharma and Palsang Lama.  And, this is what I found:

Shova Sharma – I don’t know what creation of Shova Sharma impressed Buddhisagar. I found her blog (Shova’s Blog) and liked the various reasons she likes writing. She seem to have an impressive writing skills.

While searching for Palsang Lama I found the cover version of the popular song by Ed Sheeran, ‘Shape of You…’ It is an awesome musical piece by Jatayu Team with Tabala and sarangi music. I believe they are going to a new heights!

(Vocalist – Palsang Lama, Tabla/Madal -Nhuchhe Munikar and Sarangi by Samuyal Gandharba)

Another awesome cover – Let me love you by Justin Bieber with tabala, flute and sarangi.

I don’t need to write more about Miss Nepal Nikita Chandak – I have made videos about the controversy, her introduction and the news about her winning the Miss Nepal contest.

Now, please comment – which one do you think is the best among the four?

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