7 NRN Actresses in Nepali movies, Shristi Shrestha to Meruna Magar

The entries of Non Resident Nepali (NRN) actresses in the Nepali movie industry is a new trend. So far, there are seven Nepali film actresses who have their permanent homes abroad. If India is to be considered foreign and residents in India are to be considered NRN, the number can go up considerably. But, I am excluding residents of South Asia for this article. I think, Nepali communities in India like Sikkim and Darjeeling are not foreign. We have never thought Niruta Singh, Tripti Naadkar, Tulsi Ghimire, or Sushmita KC as foreign actresses although they have their parental home in India.

All of these NRN actresses are Nepali actresses and, I have no intention to alienate them. I wish more NRN actors and actress enter Nepali movie industry. A video report on 7 NRN actresses:

Let me discuss in detail about each of the 7 actresses:

Prapti Ghimire

Actress Prapti Ghimire, a resident of Germany, debuted in ‘Kathmandu’. Prapti had also won a debut actress award at that time. But, after ‘Kathmandu’ she didn’t return back to the Nepali movie industry.


Prapti’s parents had been living the Germany for a long time. She had also won Miss Ketwig 2007 title held in Ketwig, Germany. She was selected the title hold by defeating 21 other contestants.

Watch ‘Kathmandu’ here.

Shristi Shrestha

Another beauty contest winner NRN actress, Shristi Shrestha debuted in ‘Gajalu’. The movie was successful and Shristi has reportedly signed in a number of other movies including a guest role in ‘Lalpurja’.

A resident of UK, Shristi was the winner of Miss Nepal 2012 beauty contest. In addition to the modelling assignments in Nepal, she has also modelled in UK and India.

Ashika Tamang

A model and actress, Ashika Tamang, is known as a look-alike of Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. Ashika debuted in the Nepali movie industry in ‘Sushree’, a movie she had produced herself. Although the movie featured Aryan Sigdel and was appreciated critically, the movie failed commercially. Ashika has returned back to Germany and there is no news of her return to the Nepali movie industry.

Watch ‘Sushree’ here.

Deeya Pun

A UK resident actress Deeya Pun debuted in ‘Bir Bikram’. The producer of the movie, Milan Chams, has signed Deeya in her second movie, indicating her continuation in the Nepali movie industry.

Suchitra Acharya

Suchitra Acharya, an Australia resident actress, is debuting in ‘Junga Bahadur ko Coat’, releasing soon. The actress went through a controversy soon after the completion of the shooting of the movie. It took a while for the movie to finally release. There is no news of Suchitra signing her second movie.

Meruna Magar

I have prepared a video introduction of Meruna Magar:


Sara is debuting in Nikhil Upreti’s next movie ‘Rudra’. The UK resident model and actress seem to have potential to be a successful actress.

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