7 records in 7 wonders – Rohit's next feat

The 4-times record holder in the Guinness Book of World Records, Rohit Timilsina, is planning for his next world record.

The new record will be the 7 records in 7 wonders.

In our recent conversation with Rohit, he told that he is preparing for his next record with hard labor and dedication. In the process, he will also be promoting Nepali songs and dances all over the world. It is expected that his upcoming records in those seven wonders will be culture related music and dances.

Rohit, popular for four Guinness Book o
f World Records
including longest handshake (33 hours 3 minutes), kissing 116 people in a minute, holding 24 golf balls for 10 seconds and holding 21 tennis balls in a hand, if successful, will get his name in the book for the fifth time. 25 year-old Rohit Timilsina (Born, on September 22, 1983 to Bal Bahadur Timilsina and late Phampa Timilsina) aiming to be "the King of the Guinness World Records," by making the most records in its history, wants the Nepal Government to encourage new talents like his and help them develop new skills.

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