Shree Krishna says his relationship with Sweta is "very strong"

There was a rumor about disagreement between Shree Krishna Shrestha and Sweta Khadka last week. Newspapers wrote that Shree krishna Shrestha wasn’t happy with Sweta because of her miniskirt appearance in her upcoming movie Haasi Deu Ek Fera.


It was after they worked together in Kahaan Bhetiyela people had started to link Shree Krishna and Sweta together. They however deny any affairs and told that they were "just good friends".

The latest news about them was about them flying together towards Malaysia. Before the departure, Shree Krishna talked with the media and denied the rumor about the trouble in his relationship with Sweta. He told, "There is no such problems between me and Sweta, as rumored. Our friendship is very strong that trivial matters could not take place in it . As you can see, we are also going to Malaysia together".

Well, it is nice to know that the relationship between you two is "strong" and won’t affect by minor issues.

Shree Krishna and Sweta, all the best for your trip.

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