9 O’Clock to be featured in Sony and Zee TV

In a latest report, Nepali movie ‘9 O’Clock’ is going to be featured in Indian TV channels Sony and Zee TV after a few months of it’s release in theaters in Nepal. The movie is scheduled to release in theaters on Chaitra 16, 2069 (on March 29). 

The movie ‘9 O’Clock’ is produced by Ramesh Sambedana has signed an agreement with the Indian television channels recently and has also made agreements to feature the movie in foreign countries. The movie is going to be featured in London on March 15, 16 and 17. He has also transferred the VCD rights and theater release rights of Malaysia to a local organization for Rs. 1.7 millions. The movie will also be released in Hong Kong on March 24.

The movie features actor Dhruba Dutta, actress Sumina Ghimire and others. The movie is directed by Baburam Dhakal. The movie is written by Prakash Puri, music by Kankaist Rai and choreographed jointly by Kabiraj Gahatraj and Punam Rai.

The movie was dragged into controversy over its name ‘A69’ and later the censor board refused to pass the script for excessive sexual contents. The name and the script was modified to comply with the Censor Board requirements. The producer Sambedana and the lead actress Sumina Ghimire was caught by other artists in airport when they were secretly flying to Malaysia. At that time, they told about showing the movie in Malaysia. More than once, Sumina has been linked with the producers and directors of the movies she work in.

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