Actresses trying singing, Pooja Sharma is the new singer in Nepali film industry

After Rekha Thapa, Priyanka Karki, Namrata Shrestha, Niruta Singh, Chhulthim Gurung etc., another Nepali actress has also tried singing. This time, the ‘Prem Geet’ actress, Pooja Sharma has become a new singer. The actress has given voice to a song titled ‘Prem Katha’, a duet song with a well known singer, Anil Singh.

In addition to giving their voices, both Anil Singh and Pooja Sharma are also featured as the models in the music video (music video is attached at the end of this post). My video report about Pooja’s debut in singing:

Pooja had also released a song in January this year. But, she took it offline before I could review it for some unknown reasons. Two other actresses who had also released music videos in January 2016 were Priyanka Karki and Chhulthim Gurung. I had shared their music videos at that time.


Now, Pooja Sharma has become of of the 8 Nepali actresses who are also singers in Nepali movie industry. Including Pooja Sharma, following are the members of the singer-actress team:

  • Rekha Thapa
  • Namrata Shrestha
  • Gauri Malla
  • Priyanka Karki
  • Niruta Singh
  • Chhulthim Gurung
  • Anu Shah (An unreleased song in a Nepali movie ‘Sakash’)
  • Pooja Sharma

A video report I prepared a while ago about 5 singing actresses:

Watch songs of actresses:

Priyanka Karki’s:

Rekha Thapa’s:

Niruta Singh’s

Namrata Shrestha’s

Gauri Malla singing:

Chhulthim Gurung singing:

Pooja Sharma’s Prem Katha with Anil Singh

Which one do you think is the better singer? Please comment.

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