Aditi Budhathoki, where is the Anmol KC actress?

Anmol KC gets a lot of hype and he makes his films successful. But, the actresses opposite to Anmol KC don’t get any credits at all. The only actress that made it big by debuting in Anmol KC films is Samragyee RL Shah. After debuting in ‘Dreams’ she did ‘A Mero Hajur 2’ and now, in the third sequel of the movie, Anmol KC is being featured with Jharana Thapa’s daughter Suhana Thapa.

The ‘Kri’ debut actress Aditi Budhathoki was a social media celebrity before she worked in the film. She was approached by a number of other film makers to be featured in their films. But, Aditi had rejected all those proposals and finally accepted to work with Anmol in ‘Kri’. When compared to other films of Anmol, ‘Kri’ wasn’t that successful. So, Aditi also couldn’t create any hype in the Nepali film industry.

Now, Aditi has returned back to Mumbai and is trying to get into Bollywood mainstream media. It seems, she has given up her hopes to be successful in Nepali movies. A while ago, a music video featuring Aditi was released. The video has millions of views and the views were because of Aditi featured in the cover.

The video is a proof that she has a value in the entertainment industry.

What, do you think, is holding Aditi back from being a successful celebrity? Please comment.

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