After two months of ban on Explicit websites, the govt. couldn't implement it

In a latest news, the Home Ministry (HM) has decided to work with the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) to ban p0rn sites in Nepal.

It was in August the government decided to ban such sites in Nepal.  After a week or so, the government announced the ban of such sites and a "fine of Rs. 100,000 and/or 5 years in prison" for the violators. The ISPs were told to use filters and ban such sites. The public started crying foul-play when the ISPs started banning websites randomly.

After two months of "brainstorming" the authorities have realized that there is no distinct line between the explicit and non-explicit websites. A new working committee comprising of HM and NTA will decide which sites are p0rn and which are "medically" acceptable.

After imposing the ban for two months, now the government has also decided to start collecting suggestions from the public and concerned authorities. It is however not clear who the "public an concerned authorities" refer to.

Do you think such short sighted decisions will have positive impacts in the society?

Experience has shown that banning something makes it more popular! (news screenshot, in Nepali, from Nagariknews)

One thought on “After two months of ban on Explicit websites, the govt. couldn't implement it

  1. no doubt porn is the most search word on the web abd most of people watch it atleast one hour a day for sure.
    I have written a blog on nepali site with sexy pose models, i named it a softcore as we don;t see any modelling there. and that is the most view blog in my blog.
    any way as u said yeah if u band it will high light the more and people will use crack ideas to access them whihc is more dangerous. yeah they shoould band it from public palces like cyber cafe not from home. every thing had good and bad aspect. Th are not able to control the porn movies sold in footpath, i think that is danger not online website, coz paretns can put some effort to control these site at home. Now if government wants it to band for adutls also then, i want to ask what is DEMOCRACY, it is also one right that an adult should get to watch if it is not harming the 3rd person.

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