All Nepal Band Competition-Registration till Sept 25

The date of Grand Finale Battle of All Nepal Band Competition has been postponed to 6th October 2012 and time period for Band Registration has been extended to Sept 25. Earlier, the date of Grand Finale was fixed for 18th August 2012.

According to facebook event page of the program, five major cities that have been mainly covered by this Competition with a title “SongNepal XclusiveZ Band Clash 2012- A Road to Musical Fame” are:

    • Date: 28th July, 2012
    • Venue: Balmandir
    • Contact Person: Loc (9806972977)
    • Date: 25th August, 2012
    • Venue: Campa Chaur
    • Contact Person: Bob Gurung (9818980136)
    : Robin (9807106782)
  3.  DHARAN
    • Date: 29th September, 2012
    • Venue: SabhaGriha
    : Devheavendra Chamling (9807065962)
    • Date: 29th September, 2012
    • Venue: CT Hall
    • Contact Person: Sushil Dahal (9841029319)
  5.  KATHMANDU – (With Grand Final)
    • Date: 5th October and 6th October
    • Venue: Bhrikutimandap
    • Contact Person: Kolin Bikram Rana (9841721736)

According to Event Management Team, no other changes have been made in all other terms and conditions for participation and prizes etc.

Dev Rana (A Legendary Drummer of Nepal), Robin Tamang (Band: Robin & The New Revolution), Hari Maharjan (Band: Hari Maharjan Project), Iman Shah (Principle: Nepal Music Center), Umes Shrestha (Founder: Ktm Rocks) and some Guest Judges are in panel of judges. Who guest judges will be that have not been clarified yet. According to the event page, there will be Abhaya & The Steam Injuns, Lakhey and Turnkey (India) as guest bands.

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