Anmol KC; New Movie, New Actress, Upasana Singh Thakuri

‘Kri’ actor Anmol KC hasn’t repeated an actress since he started acting in lead role. In a latest news, the upcoming movie of the actor will also introduce a new actress in the film industry. Anmol KC’s history of actresses:

  1. Hostel – Prakriti Shrestha (Watch ‘Hostel’ here)
  2. Jerryy – Anna Sharma (Watch ‘Jerryy’ here)
  3. Dreams – Samragyee RL Shah (Watch ‘Dreams’ here)
  4. Gajalu – Shristi Shrestha (Watch ‘Gajalu’ here)
  5. Kri – Aditi Budhathoki
  6. Captain – Upasana Singh Thakuri

Video report update:

Although Anmol or Bhuwan KC have yet to confirm the actress’s role in the movie, Upasana has shared a photo of herself with Anmol KC in her Instagram profile.

According to report, the film team is yet to take the screen-test of the actress. The actress has been selected by the film team after evaluating various possible actresses.

About Captain

The sixth movie of Anmol KC, ‘Captain’ is going to be made on the story of a football player. Anmol will be featured as a player in the movie. According to reports, the movie will be produced by his father Bhuwan KC. It seems, Bhuwan KC won’t be featured in the movie.

The shooting of the movie is going to start in the second week of Falgun and it is planned to be released in the Teej festival. The movie to be made under Kajal Films banner is being made on the story of Samipyaraj Timilsina and Pragyan Thapa. The director of the movie is Diwakar Bhattarai. In the registration record of the Film Development board, the producers of the movie are Anmol and Bhuwan.

What are Anmol KC’s heroines doing these days?

The actress of Anmol KC’s first film ‘Hostel’, Prakriti Shrestha is living in Australia. She had acted in one more movie but that didn’t do well in box office. Prakriti is considered inactive in the Nepali film industry.

The actress of his second movie ‘Jerryy’, Anna Sharma, made a comeback in ‘Gangster Blues’. But, the movie didn’t do well and the future of the actress is not known.

The actress of the third movie, Samragyee RL Shah has been one of the most successful actresses in the film industry. Her second movie ‘A Mero Hajur 2’ was also successful.

The actress of the fourth movie ‘Gajalu’, Shristi Shrestha, is working in a number of upcoming movies.

The acting of the actress of the fifth movie ‘Kri’ is yet to be seen as it will only be released in February. As she has already been featured in a number of Indian music videos and she is struggling in Bollywood, it seems, she has a bright future in the film industry.

I had prepared a video about Anmol being featured with new actresses last year:

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