Ashishma Nakarmi to produce Laakhey Bhaju, another actress debuts as producer

It seems every actresses are producing movies these days. After Rekha Thapa, Jharana Thapa, Shilpa Pokharel, Richa Sharma, Namrata Shrestha, Nisha Adhikari, Deepa Shree Niraula and so on, another actress has decided to produce a movie – Ashishma Nakarmi. Ashishma is producing a Newari Language movie titled ‘Laakhey Bhaju’. The movie was announced in a program held in Kathmandu.

The movie to be made on the popular dance in Newar community – Lakhe dance. The movie is made on the story of a love story of a Lakhe dancer. Ashishma will be the lead actress in the movie. With Ashishma, Sohit Manandhar, Madandas Shrestha, Nagina Joshi and Krishna Bhakta Maharjan will be the main actors. The movie is presented by Ashishma and is produced jointly by Narendra Maharjan, Gopal Kaji Kayastha, Chij Kumar Shrestha, Sundar Rajbhandari and Deepak Shrestha.

The movie features the cinematography of Sushan Prajapati, choreography of Khadga Bahadur Tamang. The movie to be directed by Aryam Nakarmi is also made on his own story. The musician is Manaraja Nakarmi.

Producer Actresses in Nepali films

Almost all of the actresses in the Nepali film industry had tired their luck in producing movies. But, being a producer is a lot of responsibilities, not an easy task. The history of the producer actresses (and actors) have proved it more than once. Those who are successful are also backed by dedicated producers like Rekha Thapa, Jharana Thapa and Deepa Shree Niraula. Despite of being backed by her producer husband, Karishma Manandhar has failed to impressed her viewers by her home production movies.

A video report about the producer actresses:

Will Ashishma break the sad trend of Nepali actresses failing in film production business? Please comment.

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