Dashain 2017 photo highlights, Rajesh Hamal, Karishma, Rekha, Jharana and everybody eles

A little late but, I have kept up with the tradition of sharing Dashain photos of Nepali celebrities. Highlights of this year’s dashain starting with Bhuwn KC offering tika to Anmol KC :

Prachanda celebrated Dashain after 22 years. (Read more here) That was not all, his party also joined with CPN UML to participate in the election. It all sums up to his desire to get into power by giving up his hardcore stance.

Karishma’s daughter, Kabita Manandhar, was in Nepal for Dashain from USA. Actress Jharana Thapa’s daughter Suhani had also arrived in Nepal from the USA. Actress Priyanka Karki celebrated dashain with her sweetheart, Ayushman Desraj Shrestha. While Ayushman celebrated with Priyanka, his ex-girlfriend Paramita RL Rana celebrated Dashain alone. 

Nisha Adhikari celebrated Dashain with her newly wed husband Sharad Veshwakar. Miss Nepal 2015, Evana Manandhar also got married this year and celebrated Dashain with her husband.

Actress Nandita KC had also come back to Nepal from the USA to celebrate Dashain this year. Milan Amatya got divorced a few days before Dashain. In Dashain she went back to her birthplace in India and celebrated with her family.

Deepak Raj Giri had a great Dashain as his movie ‘Chhakka Panja 2’ was released in Fulpati and was successful in winning the hearts of the viewers. He also celebrated Dashain with a new daughter in law as his son got married this year.

Deepak Raj Giri’s Dashain with is family.

Dhurmus and Suntali’s Dashain tika with their daughter.

Jitu Nepal with his wife in Dashain.

Actress Jiya KC Dashain tika.

Singer Milan Amatya Dashain Tika in India.

Namrata Shrestha Dashain tika with her parents.

Actress Rekha Thapa smiling after Dashain Tika.

Actress Rista Basnet after Dashain Tika.

Karishma with Binod Manandhar and daughter Kabita Manandhar after Dashain Tika.

Priyanka Karki with Ayushma Desraj.

Actress Surakshya Panta with family members in Dashain.

Actress Keki Adhikari’s Dashain 2017.

Aslesha Thakuri Dashain tika.

Ashma Bishwokarma Dashain.

Jharana Thapa dashain tika.

Malina Joshi dashain.

Miss Nepal 2015 Evana Manadhar Dashain

Miss Nepal 2010 Saddichha Shrestha Dashain Tika

Model Smita Thapa Dashain tika.

Actress Nandita KC Dashain.

Nikhil Upreti and Sanchita Luitel Dashain Tika.

Actress Nisha Adhikari with her newly wed husband in Dashain.

Model and actress Paramita RL Rana in Dashain with her mother.

Rajesh Hamal with his wife Madhu Bhattarai.

Actress Samragyee RL Shah taking tika from her mother.

Shraddha Prasai Dashain.

Miss Nepal 2000 Usha Khadgi Dashain.


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