Be careful, it's Nepal

It is not easy being a Nepali and living in Nepal. A few cases to ponder about:

hospital-dont-beatHospital (Has … Pita … La)

How many times you have read news? About vandalized hospitals and doctors threatened by the family members of the deceased; just because, their loved one has just died in that hospital?

Hospital is where people die!

If you do a survey, you will be surprised by the number of people who die in hospitals. More people die in hospital than they do in their own home. That is because; hospital is a place where people go for treatment of their diseases. Some of those diseases are curable and others are incurables. There is no guarantee that everybody recovers from the illness. Then, why do these people blame the doctors all the time? It is because the deceased person was young and has not seen the life? Will vandalizing hospitals and thwarting doctors solve our problem?

Road Accidents

When some road accidents happen, the people start a protest on the street. They torch the vehicle(s) that had already met with the accident as if, that wasn’t enough. As if, the accident was preplanned and was a plot to cause trouble for the road users.

Since when has road accidents become an intentional act rather than an accident? Will torching of vehicles and thwarting the driver reduce the road accidents?

Political Natural Disaster

When there is a natural disaster like flood swiping a village, river bank encroaching a land on its way, land slide, the politicians are blame for the disaster. I don’t know about other countries, but here in Nepal, natural disasters happens due to the political inability. It is a political issue. Will the blame game eradicate the such disasters in future?

Meri Bassai… the Language

And then there are programs on NTV like Merri Bassai and Jhai Kuti Jhai. Loud and cheap comedy programs made to teach the public a lousy way to vent their frustration. Teaching such loud talks and disrespectful manners to our kids is nothing to laugh about.

But, it seems nobody cares about it. These programs have always enjoyed good TRP (Top rated Program) on viewership ratings.


Nepali Media

These are some of the day-to-day happenings in Nepali media don’t have time to talk about such problems. Nepali media is too busy feeding us political junk – news, views, and deadlocks – to distract our mind from the main problem of our country. Our journalists have been complaining about not getting a true respect from the society. When will they learn to earn the ‘respect’ they desire and stop asking like beggars?

BySunita Giri and Anand Sharma

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