Beauty secret of Ruby Rana, the First Miss Nepal (Miss Nepal Special)

The contestants of Miss Nepal 2017 are undergoing training in preparation of the finale to be held on June 2, 2017. In the mean time, I would like to revisit all the Miss Nepal contests so far. I am also writing a book on Miss Nepal contestants and winners. (Book purchase link)

Ruby Rana beauty secret

Although crowned more than two decades ago, the first Miss Nepal is still fit and beautiful. She has maintained her body and looks for more than two decades. Maintaining the looks is not an easy task. Being a beautician has helped Ruby in doing it right.

In the morning – right after waking up she drinks lukewarm lemon water. Then her regular yoga workout starts. In addition to yoga she also exercises everyday. The type of exercise however are not consistent. She does jumba, aerobics and gym workout at home.

  • In breakfast Ruby eats cornflakes, cucumber and watermelon.
  • In lunch she eats roti, daal and cooked vegetables. (bread, dal and tarkari)
  • In the evening she only drinks soup.
  • She has also become a vegetarian these days. That is because she likes drinking when she eats meat. As alcohol is not good for the health and beauty, she tries to keep herself away from alcohol.
  • Ruby also drinks 14-15 glases of water in a day.

Biography of Ruby Rana

The first Miss Nepal Ruby Rana was born in India although her home is at Birgunj, Parsa. Her father was in Indian Army.

  • Name – Ruby Rana
  • Born – 22 September, 1972
  • Born in – Dehradun, India
  • Hometown – Birgunj, Parsa
  • Crowned – Miss Nepal 1994 on 20 September 1994
  • Participated – Miss Asia Pacific 1994 on 24 November 1994
  • Married to – Prajaya Bikram Shah
  • Children – 2 daughters

In addition to modelling and dancing, Ruby Rana, is also an entrepreneur. She is running a beauty parlour in Lalitpur, named Ruby’s Beauty Parlour.

Ruby’s husband, Prajaya Birkam Shah, is an ex-army officer.


  • Anmol
  • Bhutukai Bhaye Ni
  • Adhi Bato

Photos of Ruby Rana

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