Bhuwan KC to marry third time, with Sharmila Dangol

After a few months of formal announcement of the separation with previous wife Sushimita KC, Bhuwan KC is told to be marrying with his new girlfriend, Sharmila Dangol.

Last time, in a program organized by an actress, Rejina Upreti, Bhuwan KC arrived with his new girlfriend. Although he didn’t revealed his girlfriend’s name at that time, he didn’t fail to announce about his new love affair.

His second wife, Sushmita is told to be having an affair with an undisclosed boyfriend. Some claim that Bhuwan is keen to show-off his newly found love to Sushmita.

It is suspected that Bhuwan has found the new girlfriend to show-off that he can also have girl friend. Known to be a Playboy in Nepali movie industry, Bhuwan KC is linked with many females in the industry…

8 thoughts on “Bhuwan KC to marry third time, with Sharmila Dangol

  1. bhuwan kc hero lai sachikai kaliyug lagecha yo sarmila bhuwan kc sanga bihey garera afu peni bhuwan kc jastai star hunchuu ki bhanera try haneko jasto lagiyo satya bachan ma yehi ho aru kahi hoina natra kun chahi le chahancha ra 2ota budi poi lai aba sharmila peni kahile samma ko lagi hola ……………….

  2. La la sharmila dangol keep goin wd bhuwan…wht abt ur fuel goin.may b ur daughters r takin care of it.dnt worry we ll visit oftn.lookin forwrd to hear gud

  3. life is recycleable and changeable…should be changed ..everymovement…every behavesss…even susmita also not looking quatly..may b she has got something overthere….Mr. bhuwan has celebrating his newly honimoon, & Mrs. susmita will starts..wid someone…no defferr…should be sycling..late it be…better 2get the chancess 4us….

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