Bhuwan KC having an affair with Jiya KC?

Actor Bhuwan KC is known as a playboy in Nepali movie industry and he has ample proofs to prove the statement true. After the divorce with his last wife Sushmita Bamjan, Bhuwan is alone and was linked with a businesswoman, Sarmila Dangol, previously. Now, in another rumor, Bhuwan might be having an affair with the controversial ‘ATM‘ actress, Jiya KC.


In a latest rumor, Bhuwan used to visit ‘ATM’ sets and take Jiya with him on dates. We are not much sure but, if rumors are to be believed, Bhuwan and Jiya might be planning a marriage soon.

In an interview, Jiya had admitted going to Bhuwan’s house and living there for the night. They were also spotted together late nights in restaurants. When asked, both of them say that it’s not an affair, Jiya says that she would love to marry Bhuwan KC.

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