Bhuwann KC, astrologer added an extra ‘n’ in his name

The investment in Nepali movies is very insecure and nobody knows how the viewers perceive new movies. It becomes scary when the story and the content is not strong enough. In such situations, Nepali film makers go in the refuge of astrologers. 

This time, an established producer and actor in Nepali movie, Bhuwan KC went to an astrologer who told him to rename himself to which the actor gladly agreed and added an extra ‘n’ at the end of his name. This shows how insecure our producers are; they can even change their name to make a movie a success. In Bhuwan’s upcoming movie he will be named Bhuwann KC instead of Bhuwan KC. And, the title of the movie will also have the phrase Bhuwann KC ‘s Sathi Ma Timro in it’s posters and promo materials.

Bhuwan went to astrologer Manish Pokharel, to ask if his movie will be successful (I thought, they ask such questions to the viewers, I am wrong).  Manish wasn’t positive (I don’t know if he saw the movie before making such decision) and asked Bhuwan to add a letter in his name "to be successful in business". Bhuwan didn’t reflect back to see why he was successful this long without adding a letter to his name.

It sure is strange, Bhuwan has decided to change his name at the time of his retirement. Bhuwan is known to create controversies at the time of release of his movies to help publicize it.

In Sathi Ma Timro, child artist Shirshak Sapkota, the 5-year old son of musician Chetan Sapkota, is the lead actor who is featured as a son of father character played by Bhuwan KC. The movie also features Rekha Thapa, Richa Ghimire in leading role. Bhuwan’s son Anmol KC is also featured in a song in the movie. The movie is directed by Shiva Regmi, music is composed by Sambhujeet Baskota. Other backstage talents include fight director Rajendra Khadki, cinematographer Sambhu Sapkota and choreographer of Kabiraj Gahatraj.

It seems, Bhuwan needs a good amount of ‘good luck’ wishes for the success of the movie. Good  luck Bhuwannnnnnnn!