Binita Baral celebrated her 24th birthday

Chapli girl of Chapali Height, actress Binita Baral has turned 24 years-old on Monday October 8, 2012.

Although Binita didn’t organize a formal birthday celebration program, she visited a number of temples to pray the god on the day. In the morning Binita went to Kamaladi Ganesh mandir to perform puja. After that she went to Pashupatinath. In the evening she also visited Bagalamukhi temple in Lalitpur. Binita says that worshiping gods in temples helps her to feel peace and harmony.

binita_baral_transparent saree_fullstop_dance_2

Binita also had an informal birthday celebration with close friends and family at home.

Binita had been controversial even before she was signed in her debut movie ‘Chapali Height’. After the huge success of ‘Chapali Height’ she did her second movie ‘Full Stop’. But the second movie couldn’t win the hearts of viewers as expected. Now, Binita says that she is studying scripts of various offers she is receiving.

We at xnepali offer Binita a very happy birthday and hope to see her in screen soon.

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