Rajesh Hamal flying to the US today

Nepali superstar is going to the USA to participate in various cultural programs on the occasions of the biggest festival in Nepal, Dashain. The Qatar Airways takes off in the evening today. He was invited by United Nepal to participate in Dashain Cultural program.


Apart from participating in cultural programs, he will celebrate Dashain and Tihar there and return back after Tihar. In previous years he used to celebrate Tihar with his foster sister, Maina Suchikar in
Khagendra Nava Jiwan Kendra. After the death of Maina, Hamal decided to celebrate Tihar with his own sisters living in the US.

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Binita Baral celebrated her 24th birthday

Chapli girl of Chapali Height, actress Binita Baral has turned 24 years-old on Monday October 8, 2012.

Although Binita didn’t organize a formal birthday celebration program, she visited a number of temples to pray the god on the day. In the morning Binita went to Kamaladi Ganesh mandir to perform puja. After that she went to Pashupatinath. In the evening she also visited Bagalamukhi temple in Lalitpur. Binita says that worshiping gods in temples helps her to feel peace and harmony.

Binita also had an informal birthday celebration with close friends and family at home.

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Box Office Film Award 2012 postponed

It was advertised as the first Nepali movie award to be organized in foreign soil and was scheduled to be held on October 12, 2012. But apparently, the organizers were not prepared at all, and the ‘huge’ event is now postponed. We are not sure if we need to take it as ‘canceled’ or not.

The reasons cited for the postponement of the event include:

1. Organizer RK Subedi’s mother got critically ill (our get well soon wish) and had to be hospitalized. It seems the event was one man show. When one of the organizer is busy, the whole show need to be postponed.

2. The artists like , Karishma Manandhar, Dipak Limbu, Deepak Raj Giri, Deepa Shree Niraula, Baboo Bogati, Mandabi Tripathi, Yes Kumar etc. refused to attend the event. It’s odd, how can the organizers feature the artists in their banner even before they had confirmed their attendance.

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