Nepali movie – Superhit (Binita Baral)

Nepali movie – Superhit
Starring – Binita Baral, Divya Dev, Shisir Rana, Manju Shrestha, Sudam CK, Mahesh Tripathi etc.
Director – Nirajan Pandey

About ‘Superhit’

A presentation of Moviez Infinity Creation and Arjun Thapa, Nepali movie ‘Superhit’ wasn’t as successful as the name suggest. The movie jointly written and directed by Niranjan Pandey, Saurabh Dhakal and actress Beenita Baral (credited for story, dialogue and screenplay). The playback singer in the movie are Sabin Rai, Yuskey KC, Niranjan Pandey, and Suresh Rai, the music director is Suresh Rai. Lyrics in the movie are jointly written by Suresh Rai, Binita Baral, and Niranjan Pandey. Background score by Alish Karki, cinematography by Rupon Poudel and Niraj Kadel, editor of the movie is Niranjan Pandey, and the action by Surya Thokar.

At the time of the release of the movie actress Binita Baral was in the USA. As she had broken up with the production team, she didn’t help in its promotion.

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Star Cast of ‘Superhit’

The only well known star cast in the movie is Binita Baral. After the success of ‘Chapali Height’ Binita became an overnight success. But, her second movie became an equally disaster. The movie forced Binita to leave the film industry and start her own business in organic farming. This movie was made without much publicity. During the making of the movie, actress Binita was having affair with Nirajan. There were also the rumours of their marriage. They later teamed up to start the organic farming. After Binita went to the USA for study, they broke up and these days, Binita is having affair with Tilak in the USA.

Binita started organic farming while shooting this movie ‘Superhit’. Although she was successful in farming she left farming business to pursue further studies in the USA. In the mean time, Binita has also written a novel titled ‘Juino’ and released in 2016.

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Poster of ‘Superhit’

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