Binita Baral flying to the USA to do MBA in Agriculture Business

Actress Binita Baral has truly become an ex-actress as she is flying to the USA on August 30, 2015 to pursue MBA in Agriculture Business. She has told that she has received full scholarship for the course.

binita baral agricutlure

Binita became a new sensation in the Nepali film industry when her debut movie ‘Chapali Height’ became a huge success (watch ‘Chapali Height’ here). But, the failure of her second movie ‘Full Stop’ (watch ‘Full Stop’ here) cause a break of her acting career. She started agriculture business with some partners in 2013.

The organic farming took off really well although she initially was disappointed and told sex sells but farming doesn’t. Although she had acted in an unreleased movie, she didn’t sign in any other movies.

Now, she is going to study agriculture business – virtually closing doors to Nepali film industry. There is a high chance that she doesn’t return back to Nepal even after the completion of her studies.

‘Chapali Height’ makers had recently announced the sequel of the movie and had also ruled out the possibility repeating Binita Baral in the movie.

I guess, this is the closing of the chapter of “actress Binita Baral”! All the best Binita!

2 thoughts on “Binita Baral flying to the USA to do MBA in Agriculture Business

  1. Tehita ani yesko Budalai chai Nepal Mai chodi ki kya ho…bichara paisa pani gayo budi pani gayo Bhanera rude hola. Sex bejna Sakina, food bejna Sakina ani aba khai k bejne ho America ma gayera. Life ma sangarsa garnai paryo hai k garne sani nani.

  2. ha there is no such thing as MBA in Agriculture Business. I did my MBA in USA and been living here for 5 years now. MBA stands for Masters in Business Administration.

    Masters in Business Administration in Agriculture Business haha really? doesn’t even make sense…this is classic. These Nepali actresses get famous with one movie then try to run to USA and make up sh** to protect there ijjat. I saw her movie and puked half way in felt like i was watching porn. I’ll stick with my indian movies for now.

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