Binita Baral’s third movie, teaser photos

UPDATE – This was the movie ‘Superhit’. The movie was released in 2016 in theatre. A lot of things had changed in the three-years time. At the time of the release of the movie, Binita Baral was in the USA. Binita had broken up with her boyfriend and the director of the movie by that time. So, Binita didn’t help in the promotion of the movie. The name itself was confusing because there was another movie of Binita with similar name – ‘Superstar’. The second movie of the actress, ‘Superstar’ was a super flop film. The third movie was not only similar in the name, the movie also met the similar fate – the movie was also a flop movie.

Actress Binita Baral released a few photo shots from her upcoming movie. But, she has kept the title of the movie a secret.

binita_baral_unknown movie_teaser_lips bite

Binita Baral’s first movie ‘Chapali Height‘ became one of the most successful Nepali movies in 2011 but, the second movie ‘Full Stop’ couldn’t attract viewers. To create curiosity in the v
iewers, the production team of her third kept the information about the movie a secret.

The shooting of the unknown movie was completed in 16 days. The movie is directed jointly by Niranjan Pandey and Saurav Dhakal. Except Binita Baral, all other actors in the movie are told to be new entries. Binita claimed that the story was also jointly written by Binita and the directors. She has also written the lyrics of one of the songs in the movie.

binita_baral_unknown movie

binita_baral_unknown movie_teaser river

binita_baral_unknown movie_teaser smile

binita_baral_unknown movie_teaser

Photo credits – Binita Baral

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