Biography of Bhuwan KC to release soon

A biography of actor Bhuwan KC is being written is going to release in Chaitra. Actor Bhuwan KC was offered Rs. 235,000 by Ghost Writing Nepal for the scoop of the book to be written by Kamal Dhakal. In the press meet organized in Kathmandu on January 19 Bhuwan KC was handed over the cheque and details of the book was released to the press.

bhuwan kc biography

Bhuwan KC is known in the Nepali film industry as a playboy actor. He has married twice and is rumored to be having a living-together relationship with actress Jiya KC. Bhuwan’s son had recently married in USA and his daughter was married in 2011.

Scandals and Bhuwan KC go hand-in-hand. Its not only scandalous relationship, his political scandals can’t be ignored. His affairs are blamed for his disastrous marriages and some public thrashing

There is no doubt that Bhuwan’s life is full of spices. But, having a spicy life and writing all about it truthfully are two different things. The questionable authenticity of the events in a few previous biographies have opened the critical eyes of Nepali audience. It is not easy to sell junk. We hope the author and Bhuwan have worked in making it fun to read and truthful.

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