Doctor had told to cut one of her legs: Sanchita Luitel secrets

A beautiful actress Sanchita Luitel has recently told some of her secrets in an interview with an online magazine.

Here are some of the secrets people don’t know about the actress:

  • Sanchita is the eldest daughter in the family.

    – Sanchita is called ‘Munu’ at home. The childhood name of Sanchita is still being used to call her at home.

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Biography of Anmol KC

At the time of this writing (in 2017), Anmol KC is shooting his fifth movie. All four previous movies of Anmol had been successful movies and there is a huge expectation from his upcoming movie ‘Kri’. There are no reports of the shooting scenes and the the actress Aditi Budhathoki, who is debuting in the movie.

Although Anmol was also featured as a child artists in a number of movies, as an adult he debuted in ‘Sathi Ma Timro’ in a very short role. As a lead actor, he debuted in ‘Hostel’

Biography of Anmol KC

Actor Anmol KC is the heartthrob of many young Nepali movie goers these days. Anmol debuted in the leading role in the teenage drama movie ‘Hostel’ in 2013. After that every movie of Anmol including ‘Hostel’ were hit movies.
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What happened to Bhuwan KC Biography?

A biography of Bhuwan KC was being written in 2015. Before earthquake I had reported about the completion of writing but, Bhuwan was yet to review the book. After that, a lot of things happened in Nepal – earthquake was the most dreadful thing that happened in a couple of weeks after I wrote the article.

After earthquake, Bhuwan completed his directorial debut movie ‘Dreams’. The movie was successful beyond expectation. The movie established Samragyee RL Rana as the most sought after actress in the Nepali movie industry. That was also the hat trick of hit movies of Bhuwan’s son Anmol KC. But, the biography of Bhuwan KC was forgotten.

Summary of things about the biography:

  • Kamal Dhakal of Ghost writing Nepal was writing the biography
  • Ghost Writing Nepal had made a deal of Rs. 235,000 for the book. The deal was signed in January 2015.
  • The book was initially titled ‘Playboy’. Bhuwan objected to it and renamed ‘Superstar’.
  • The book was delayed when Bhuwan didn’t finished reviewing the book in time (April 2015).

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Surprise ! Sumina Ghimire gave birth to a daughter

Did you notice the hot actress of movies hot like ‘Star’, ‘Love Forever’, ‘9 O’Clock’ and ‘April Fool’, Sumina Ghimire has gone into hiding after getting married last year in March? After marrying the pilot boyfriend, Santosh Sapkota, Sumina had cut-off herself from the film industry and her film industry friends. She hasn’t been seen in any public functions after that.

Recently, I have found out that Sumina has already become the mother of a daughter. The daughter, born on the Christmas of 2015 is already 9 months old now. Sumina and her husband Santosh Sapkota, a pilot of Sita Air, are not seen in any film programs or public events.

Watch the video report:

Based on the latest photos of the actress, Sumina Ghimire has maintained her weight and looks as beautiful as before. Although there is no news about her return in the film industry, it would be nice to have the talented actress and dancer back in the film industry.

Full list of movies featuring Sumina Ghimire:
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10 things about Aryan Sigdel on his birthday (hint: how old is Aryan Sigdel?)

I have prepared a vide to wish Aryan Sigel a very happy birthday. But, it took me more than a day to finish the video – so, it is a couple of days late. With belated happy birthday wishes to Aryan Sigdel, here are the information you will get from the video:

  • What is Aryan Sigdel’s age?
  • Where was Aryan Sigdel born?
  • Where is Aryan Sigdel ancestral home?
  • Which is Aryan Sigdel’s first movie?
  • Who is the best actress Aryan Sigdel is featured in most of his hit movies?
  • Which is the first movie produced by Aryan Sigdel?
  • Which are the home production movies of Aryan Sigdel?
  • Did ‘Homework’ become hit ?
  • Which is the upcoming movie of Aryan Sigdel?
  • When is the shooting of his next home production movie start?

Watch the video report:

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Biography of Dayahang Rai

One of the top actors in Nepali movie industry, Dayahang Rai is turning 36 years old on April 13, 2016. I am creating a biography video of the actor to mark his birthday. This biography post is the data the video will be based on.

Movies of Dayahang Rai

Some of his movies of Dayahang Rai available in xnepali:

Full Movie – Kanchhi (Shweta Khadka Dayahang Rai)
Nepali Movie – Mr. Johely (Dayahang Rai, Deeya Pun, Barsha Raut)
Nepali Movie – Lalteen (Dayahang Rai, Priyanka Karki)
Nepali Movie – Happy Days (Dayahang Rai, Priyanka Karki)
Nepali Movie – Uma (Reecha Sharma, Saugat Malla, Dayahang Rai)
Nepali Movie – Ghampani (Keki, Dayahang Rai)
Nepali Movie – Jhumkee (Dayahang Rai, Rishma Gurung, Malina Joshi)
Nepali Movie – Ichchha (Dayahang Rai, Subas Thapa etc.)
Nepali Movie – Sambodhan (Dayahang Rai, Namarata Shrestha)
Nepali Movie – Purano Dunga (New Year full movie Dayahang, Priyanka)
Nepali Movie – Lappan Chhappan
Nepali Movie – Mukhauta (Saugat Malla, Rajesh Hamal, Dayahang Rai)
Loot 2, Watch the full movie (Saugat Malla, Dayahang, Richa)
Nepali Moive – How Funny (Update)
Nepali Movie – Karkash (Dayahang Rai, Harshika)
Nepali Movie – Bir Bikram (Dayahang Rai, Diya Pun)
Nepali Movie – Nagbeli
Nepali Movie – Fanko
Nepali Movie – Sanghuro
Nepali Movie – Kabaddi Kabaddi
Nepali Movie – Loafer
Nepali Movie – Badhshala
Nepali Movie – Kabaddi
Nepali movie – Loot
Nepali Movie – Jholey
Nepali Movie – Highway
Nepali Movie – Dasdhunga

Profile of Dayahang Rai

  • Name – Dayahang Rai
  • Birthday – April 13, 1980
  • Birthplace – Khawa VDC Bhojpur district,Eastern Nepal
  • Education – IA – Geography (Bhojpur Multiple College), SLC (Annapurna Secondary School, Dilpa, 1998), School (Pashupati Lower Secondary School, Khawa)
  • Spouse – Benuka Rai (married in 2006)
  • Children – Samduhang Rai (son)

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Bhuwan KC biography delayed

The biography of the superstar and playboy of Nepali film industry, Bhuwan KC, was told to be releasing on Chaitra 22. The day is the birthday of his mother. But, the book has been delayed because Bhuwan hasn’t been able to review it before the publication. The book was announced in an event organized in January. The publisher, had paid Bhuwan Rs. 235,000 for the permission to write the biography.

According to Kamal Dhakal of Ghost writing Nepal, Bhuwan is currently busy in the shooting of a movie and he hasn’t found time to review the final draft of the book. The delay expected to be as much as a month.

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Biography of Bhuwan KC to release soon

A biography of actor Bhuwan KC is being written is going to release in Chaitra. Actor Bhuwan KC was offered Rs. 235,000 by Ghost Writing Nepal for the scoop of the book to be written by Kamal Dhakal. In the press meet organized in Kathmandu on January 19 Bhuwan KC was handed over the cheque and details of the book was released to the press.

Bhuwan KC is known in the Nepali film industry as a playboy actor. He has married twice and is rumored to be having a living-together relationship with actress Jiya KC. Bhuwan’s son had recently married in USA and his daughter was married in 2011.

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Chhabi Raj Ojha writing a book on his relationship with Rekha Thapa

The producer and ex-husband of Rekha Thapa, Chhabi Raj Ojha is writing a self-biography. The book expected to be released in about 8 months, Mangsir 2071, will feature the facts about their marriage and the events related to the relationship. The book is expected to include the story of not only Rekha, but also his previous marriages.

Rekha and Chhabi started living separately before a formal separation. Although they had stopped being husband and wife, they were seen together in the profession. But, that relationship has also deteriorated when they started accusing each other. In the past, Chhabi had said about loosing faith in women.

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Shahrukh Khan finished writing biography

Bollywood Superstar Shahrukh Khan has said that, he had almost completed his biography. He said, the biography will be published after the final editing.

The biography titled, ‘Twenty years in a Decade‘ covers his life period from 1991 to 2001.

‘I have written this book for fun, positive thinking, and optimism. I have been writing it for the last ten years. I have written my life in humorous manner’, he said.

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