Biraj Bhatt and Reema BK in Pune

The popular film artists of Nepal Biraj Bhatt and actress Reema Bishowkarma heated the Nepali audience in Pune in the occasion of Holi. In the musical event organized by the Nepali community in Pune, artists like Bhagirathi Chalaune, Kalpana Dahal, Sushmita Burlakoti, Hitesh Karmakar, Pamfa Dangol and other performed on the stage.

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The dance of Biraj Bhatt with Reema BK was specially a hit number because of it being interesting and provocative in nature.

The musical program organized on the coordination of Chetman Khadka had Mahendra Sharma was the chief guest. In addition to the musical program, the guests had also addressed the Nepali audience of the area.

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