Garima Pant to be a Scout

A new movie titled ‘Scout’ is going to feature actress Garima Pant in leading role. In a program organized in Kathmandu, the cast and crew of the movie was announced. The shooting was also inaugurated the Communication Minister, Minendra Rijal and other politicians.

scout shooting starts

‘Scout’ is a presentation of Madhu Kumar Shrestha and is produced jointly by Kedar Parajuli and Ishwor Tiwari. The movie is directed by Govinda Gautam and features Garima Pant with Kushal Thapa in leading role.

In the program, Madhu Kumar told that Scout is a well renounced organization and he is well aware of the responsibility when making the film about it.

Madhu Kumar is known for his earlier movies ‘Bazaar’ (watch ‘Bazaar’ here, in full), ‘Bindaas’ (watch ‘Bindaas’ here) and ‘Bindaas 2’ (watch ‘Bindaas 2’ here). 

The director Govinda Gautam had directed a number of movies including ‘Saubhagya’ (watch ‘Saubhagya’ here) and ‘Sindoor’ (watch the new ‘Sindoor’).

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