Nikhil Upreti, Biraj Bhatt and Kassam’s fate

It was bad luck for a movie, Kassam ,that Nikhil Upreti left when he ran away with Sanchita to Mumbai. The producers of another movie, Mato, were lucky enough to convince Rajesh Hamal to replace Nikhil, but Kassam’s producers weren’t blessed by luck.

Nikhil and Sanchita

The producer of Kassam, Ramprasad Rijal and director Laxman Rijal had tried to contact Nikhil but, without any success. As an alternative, they approached Biraj Bhatta, but to their dismay, Biraj also declined to act in it.

For a shooting schedule of 10 days, Rijal duo offered Biraj Rs. 500,000, which is a good money. But, Biraj has is own logic to decline to act in the movie. Biraj’s three reasons not to act in the movie: 1. He doesn’t want to act in a EX 3 Digital movie, 2. He won’t act in a movie left by Nikhil Upreti, 3. He won’t like to act in a movie that was scripted for somebody else.

When they were sure Biraj won’t help them, they decided to use all their mights to contact Nikhil again. After much effort they could contact Nikhil but he refused to come back to finish the shooting. Nikhil told that he can’t come to Nepal, so if they have no other options they have to go to Mumbai to finish the shooting.

Not left with any other options, Rijal duo have decided to visit Mumbai to find a cheap location to finish the movie. They have prepared a schedule of 15 days, and are planning to go to Mumbai with a team of 20 people in a couple of weeks. It is expected that the shooting will cost an additional 1,600,000 Indian rupees.

Background context: Nikhil claimed to have married Sanchita Luitel before flying to Mumbai. His wife Kopila, told the news was fake. There were also reports of delays in movies due to absence of Nikhil and Sanchita. The film crew of ‘Masti’ met him in Mumbai to do the dubbing of some damaged reels of the movie there. There was also a report in which Rajesh Hamal was told to replace Nikhil in his role in an upcoming movie ‘Mato’. Sanchita came to Nepal to finish the dubbing  of Kohi Mero and she also confirmed that she has married Nikhil but Kopila still refuses to accept her claims.

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