Bullying at Miss Nepal 2019 audition? Ashmita Maharjan actually got selected

When Ashmita Maharjan showed up without wearing any makeup and wearing her -5 powered glasses one of the judges, Rachana Sharma Gurung, got mad at her. She told, “.. This is disrespect.”

But, the courage of Ashmita, a 7th semester Computer engineering student was appreciated and she was selected to participate in the Miss Nepal 2019 contest. She is the official contestant number 8. There is a chance that she will represent Nepal in the international arena. By the courage and her presentation, and education, there is a high chance that she will be one of the five candidates who will represent Nepal in the international arena.

Who is Rachana Sharma Gurung?

Have you watched ‘Jerry’ the movie featuring Anmol KC and Anna Sharma in leading role? The actress Anna is Rachana Sharma Gurung’s mother. It is not only Anna, Rachana is the mother of three gorgeous sisters.

Rachana started choreographing Miss Nepal since the first episode in 1994. She has been consistently inspiring and assisting the women who represent Nepal in international beauty contests. She knows what she is doing the she has the knack of recognizing the winners.

Who is wrong in the incident?


Yes, they both are right in their response. Ashmita Maharjan took the courage to challenge the organizer’s take on so-called beauty the contest is about. And, Rachana expressed what she expected from the contestants in the audition.

Ashmita’s “disrespect” was the symbol of a rebel who can win such beauty contests.

I believe, this year’s Miss Nepal is going to be a lot more interesting because of the contestants like Ashmita Maharjan. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Be prepared for what might come in the coming day.

Read more about the contestants of this year’s miss Nepal in my earlier post. There are 26 contestants from all over the country and two of them are from USA and one from Australia.

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